Sequoia game how to build the nternet outside of livewire BATAnalysis of e commerce in 12 markets

he saw a green hand several young man, the lead in a wide forehead, big eyes, a pair of students dressed in his eyes appear unexpectedly cold, almost grows on the ceiling, "Zhou Hongyi recalled, he hated the" returnees "arrogant, wrote in the young man. "The team is not too Preston, not to finance." Zhou Hongyi told Sequoia’s team, "no ground gas."."


1. agricultural products: 900 million farmers network uplink

although compared to the huge market formation and nine hundred million farmers, agricultural websites are not many. But the starting point is very high, the characteristics are obvious. Agricultural e-commerce sites are still concentrated in the developed economic belt. For the vast numbers of farmers, online sales are still far away. However, the farmers who are rich in coastal economic zones may become the first Internet surfers in rural china. The importance of time and information will soon enable them to enter the actual combat phase of e-commerce.  

2. building materials: "three little".

building products and building materials products have a clear national standards and ministerial standards, suitable for online sales. And the basic construction market demand is large, domestic home decoration and product export market is also very broad.  

the need for further development of the market, are urgently needed to strengthen market segmentation, personalized service. In particular, we should strengthen the demand preview service before the departure of the group, and the timeliness of the items in urgent need

But Zuckerberg

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

, although not from Sequoia Capital financing, but because the last won the accelerating partnership Accel Partners investment to build up the world’s largest social networking site Facebook, which brought about a 300 times return on the deal for the latter, by Wang Xing Social Network Service similar to the SNS architecture of the campus network "has so far.

interestingly, similar scenes have been shown at Sequoia’s American office. In 2006, Facebook founder, 22 year old Mark ·, and Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg came to discuss his wacky sideline Wirehog. He was late for the meeting, and wear pajamas, which makes Sequoia partnership people feel very annoyed. Sequoia Capital, therefore, made one of the biggest mistakes in history – missing Zuckerberg.

Sequoia "outside of BAT" three giant companies, into a tough and accurate

How will the fund Chinese

, the founder of the "eyes on the ceiling", was the founder of the campus network at that time. As for this, Wang Xing’s memory was like this. In December 18, 2005, he clearly remembered the time it was a week after the official release of the school network. At ten in the morning, he was woken up by a phone call and asked them to talk to the Redwood office". Too late to do the preparation of Wang temporary made a plan, but lost in the taxi, and to the office to a piece of paper, re handwritten. They are anxious and fearful when the door opened, a man put his head looked, and walked away. In retrospect, it was Zhou Hongyi." Wang Xing said, "maybe Zhou Hongyi thought we weren’t as excited about him as we saw the stars."."

this judgment is probably just a small episode, but indeed Sequoia declined this group of "arrogant young man", but at the suggestion of Zhou Hongyi, invested their rival zhanzuo, but soon failed.

returned the clock 9 years ago, and Zhou Hongyi, who had just acquired the investment, went to the Sequoia China Office for a meeting. "Next door is a few entrepreneurs who do campus networks. Would you like to see them?"." At the invitation of Shen Napeng, Zhou Hongyi walked into the next room.


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