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common features of new media investment:

6.2016 August 17th, twitch acquisition game content and resource platform Curse, although the terms of the transaction did not disclose, but Curse business in the game will have a direct impact on the Twitch live platform.

2, to a greater degree of vertical subdivision. Most of the new media platform investment projects are based on the original, continue to investors segmentation, for investors to expand the market, and increase market share.

at the same time, a large number of relatively mature new media company involved in the investment industry, including some sensational events, so what makes the new media to invest in this market environment? The new media and traditional capital investment, what is the difference? "/p>

1, investment in the professional field. The vast majority of new media investments are in their field of expertise. Use the advantages of existing platforms to promote two-way development of investors and investors, and achieve win-win situation, but actually serve investors.

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5.2016 August 17th, titanium media strategy investors orange venture, the latter renamed titanium easy to vote, used to build investment information platform;

4.2016 August 4th, the car home in the Pre-A round of investment 30 seconds to understand the car, used to expand the car home in video production business;


2016 is known as the capital of winter, a large area of the company fell on the road during this period of time, traditional capital tightening, slowing domestic development, had been hot money sought after venture capital market cooling down, to master a lot of capital of traditional capital has also begun prudent investment.


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as a new media, the above platforms are in their respective sections of the plate has a certain reputation and achievements. Is a relatively mature new media company, in the capital boom gradually reducing the temperature at the same time, the new media investment market is not lost. Simple summary, you can find new media company investment in general, there are differences.

3.2016 August 1st, today’s headlines investment Oriental IC, used to build a picture library to solve today’s headlines in graphic copyright issues;

traditional capital is needless to say, its share in the venture capital market and behavior patterns are widely known, then how much investment in the new media industry, the author briefly lists some typical events.

March 22nd 1.2016, happy times 1 billion yuan investment, known as cattle finance, used to build a complete ecosystem;


2.2016 July 13th, blue whale media investment international financial newspaper approved, new media counter attack traditional media attracted widespread concern in the industry, used to improve and build a complete information platform;

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