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      what we call "the first ad unit" here is the first ad code to appear in the page HTML code. Note that the first ad element in the source code is not always the first ad unit that the user sees in the browser. For example, if you are using the DIV tag in your code, our system might also consider the ad unit at the bottom of the page as the first ad unit.

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      many Adsense publishers may already know that an effective way to increase AdSense revenue is to place more than one ad unit on a content rich web page. There is also a way to maximize your revenue from using multiple ad units, which is to ensure that the highest click rate advertising unit is the first element in your page HTML code. Probably a lot of publishers don’t understand why this can increase revenue. Here’s how the Adsense system configures ads on the page.

      at present, the top ad units on the web always display the highest bid first. Also, if you don’t have enough ads to display on your site, the first ad unit will give priority to advertising. That’s why we’ve always suggested you use custom channels to track the effects of each ad unit, find the highest advertising unit, and put the ad unit at the front in the HTML code.

is the best way to do Amoy Amoy to build a website, this is a must, to build what kind of website promotion what? We have recently seen on weight loss breast ranking sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like smoke, so now you go to follow this station has to die, keywords are accounted for. Therefore, we must continue to think, sum up, and open up the road to make money for Taobao customers. Some people do Shopping for Refund, should I also do this, my Babanu Shopping for Refund network to do a period of time, but the effect is not very good, there are several large sites, such as the 51 rebate network has to return now to seize the market, but they do PPC, it is difficult from here to break. We have to do now have to do less, do have their own website, can make a small classification, designed to do the same, for example, specializing in computer peripheral, cross stitch, small range can do it so fine, so as to attract people, the user viscosity will be high. It’s also a good idea and a good way to do these unexpected things. We are in a promotion, also want to think more, in many ways, now thin out, a lot of people are playing this, then we can get a little up to product promotion, then you must have a certain number of fans, promote the products according to the season, according to your fans and consumption habits for example, now is the summer consumption capacity, you can choose some toilet water, ice pad, notebook cooling fake sunscreen ah, these products are very easy to clinch a deal, so you came to the commission. Promotion does not have to be yourself, you can go to the Witkey publishing task, let others help you back, you only need to give them a little tip, they may help you earn a lot, you also worry and effort, put more effort in thinking of how to do the guest, or plan of action steps you. That is to say we have a mind to do the boss, boss why money, why employees output also can not earn much money, the boss is a day of work for the project, looking for a partner or investment planning, Taobao customers should also be like the boss this thought and action.

now do Wangzhuan, the most popular is the Taobao customer, with the publicity of Taobao passenger taobao, and Billboard’s temptation, now engaged in Taobao off force is growing, more and more people to do Taobao customers, the inevitable competition is big, in Taoke way to earn money it is very difficult, the previous method is not suitable for the. So I want to make money from the Amoy Road, will have to explore new ideas and methods.

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      quote from: shlf1314 Adsense Chinese blog

In fact,

methods and ideas have a lot of money, you see how to find the way to win in Amoy, a bureau, a bureau to pay. Out of a fixed mode of thinking, open up new ideas and methods, is always the king of money, because ideas determine the way out.

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