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wireless value chain how to benign interaction and sustainable development?

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from the vertical is you in a value chain, content integration and integration, to achieve add content, provide plus content, there is actually a lot of opportunities. We know that in the wireless value-added industries there are some companies do the bell pictures, a company with a monthly income of millions of yuan, finally by some more big companies with millions of dollars to acquire, there is great potential.

The development of

three years everything will come back

Analysys believes that the Internet is actually

three stages: the first stage is the road, the second stage is the application, the third stage is represented by shlf1314, it is to help you find the need to find information. Today, the Internet has entered a real content is king of the times, although the content is king has been talking about in the past two years, but today really become a kind of money, shlf1314 should be said that from the beginning of the listing, we feel the real commercial interests.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

              IT Sohu from informed sources informed that sh419 is currently building a named "2008 union" website alliance, trying to take advantage of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to achieve sh419 portal ambition.

sources, the alliance is still in formation, sh419 may be announced in September. The source gave no further details. sh419 did not release its portal strategy at the sh419 World Congress in August 9th. At the beginning of this year, sh419, which had already obtained a news licence, said, "how to do the news", sh419 insiders say, there is still no final solution.

if the sources of the news is true, complete the formation of the 2008 coalition, or will be modeled at present sh419 theme promotion, sh419 will immediately grab information, together with the advertising alliance website members together to push on the website. sh419 currently has about 15 League partners, just recently announced the launch of sh419 TV video advertising system, the formation of a new video alliance system. sh419 may integrate news, communities and search products and send it to tens of thousands of affiliate sites.

"sh419 may want this alliance to change the reading habits of Internet users." An unnamed analyst said, "at the same time through the Olympic Games to find their own way to do news.". As a result, brand advertising revenue may increase to change its profits, relying solely on search advertising to maintain a single model."

the above message is not confirmed by the official sh419, does not constitute any investment advice.

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