Dream of making money online don’t use tuition to torture yourselfSoftware service open the burden

the future of the world science Dean Toffler had predicted that the service is an industry of future society’s most dynamic economy.

on the development of IT industry at present, the strategic position of IT service in the enterprise is more and more important. Two years ago, Microsoft has proposed a "customer-centric" software service strategy, the business indicators of software services for 80% of the total income; the good performance of the IBM company in the second quarter of this year, the growth is mainly from the service. The industrialization of software services has become the trend of the times. However, from the current situation of domestic software vendors, the situation is not as optimistic as we imagine.

includes software vendors UF, Kingdee, aneoo etc. these more well-known, not when the service in the industrial scale, is likely to become a burden for enterprise development. On the current situation, the domestic service charges remain at the initial stage, some of the concept of enterprise users still stay in the free service phase. A survey shows that in many areas, customers who are willing to pay their service fees only account for 10% to 20% of the proportion.

in free software service system, the company sales of software products to include behavior of software products, software installation, training and customer service daily service, software upgrades and other content, because the software product has the marginal cost is almost zero when copying features, so the cost of software companies to focus almost entirely on software research on customer service and service. If the software business services continue to expand with the needs of users, it will inevitably lead to a substantial increase in enterprise costs. Take UF as an example, the number of personnel including training, consulting, implementation and maintenance of the company is far greater than the number of sales staff and management staff. A senior source of UF said: "if the service can not create revenue, and can not bring the corresponding value, it is really a big problem for the company’s management."."Not only is


    a master friend can skip this news, but also can reprint news, I found the situation is serious, so occupied the recommended headlines. Yesterday and today, there are 2 friends, said to pay thousands of, tens of thousands of what to learn, SEO, learn what, understand the idea. Here, I once again stressed: do not think that the network is full of gold, do not pay tuition to make yourself mature.
    temporarily excited, I do not know where to start, I do not know how to say, in order to attract more new sites engaged in the promotion of the attention of the webmaster.
 :  : don’t believe that teaching tuition will be fruitful. Your tuition fees for others to cheat you blind investment, help others scam, network to make money, profit, is to rely on the wisdom, diligence hard to come, those who cheat technology may make you short to liar trick, also become a liar tactics. The so-called understanding of creativity, that is, let you spend ten thousand to buy a cheated feeling, and then cheat others money to fill your losses. Many friends eager to make money online, there is no money on hand, so after you pay huge money, he found himself fooled, he found himself falling as a helpless, you would become a liar, to deceive others by fraudulent means, somewhat similar to pyramid style.
http://s.post.sh419/f? Kw=%B6%AE%B6%AE%B4%B4%D2%E2  see others to understand the evaluation, it is to wait until the lost, hit head broken and bleeding time, you can reflect on??!
      ignorance and seduction created a generation of fraudsters; a network of parasites; the slowness of the law helped the crooks go on and on.
    network is a free school, learn to use the search, to think for yourself. You can learn a lot of skills without spending a penny. The real lesson is money.
        a plan SEO 5000, an Asian dating skills 4000, a shlf1314 cheating in Book 3000, a day to earn 300 books sold for 5000 days, ah, this crazy crazy network, and these induced scams in the crazy by copying mode. For this, I have a lot of friends pull the black, T opened a lot of money to be blindfolded and skull friends.
            "wake up, friends for money, no more!"

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