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capital will favor from the media?

, and DesktopTwo have failed in similar projects, and eyeOS has developed well, possibly due to its open source features. The biggest reason for the failure of these companies is the rise of shlf1314 Docs, which provides free, multi platform cloud services.

Thinkature is a free, easy to use and simple online collaboration tools, users can create and modify and team members in real time through the browser Liuhe brainstorming, problem discussion and documentation. This allows collaboration between team members at different locations to become simple and feasible, so it’s a good looking project, but why did it fail later? Software really should


3, Memamp


2, YouOS

4, Thinkature

, for example, the "kitchen" and even received a $30 million investment from the CRE capital and Jingdong; positioning for middle-class women growth platform "soul aroma woman" has once again won the Wu Xiaobo million investment, and only a year’s time, the valuation from 30 million last year to 150 million yuan.

2, the essence of the Internet is the flow of business: high-quality self media is the source of many business models in the future, with the support of traffic, you can have a large number of realizable mode.


prosperity is bound to follow the bubble, a few days ago, due to a lot of WeChat read and write the number of watered tools paralysis, many "WeChat large" exposed tail. The usual amount of reading many tens of thousands or even 100 thousand + number, the amount of reading a cliff downwards, even only 1/10 as usual.

can not be denied that the capital market changes for the sense of smell is sharp, "scandal" from the media while constantly being criticized "market saturation", "routine exhaustion, low conversion rate, serious seepage data, but when the media and traditional media gradually become the main carrier of information fusion,, the industry still has three cards can attract the attention of investors:

Memamp was a relatively short-lived member of the first incubation project, and the founder has been working on desktop search solutions for a year before project participation in YC incubation. But very unfortunately that summer when the project began hatching when the two giants entered the field, Apple announced that they will be in the next version of OS integrated Sportlight, shlf1314 also released its own desktop search, so Memamp in the end of the incubation before they announced the death of the.

1, traffic flow to the center of the trend is more and more obvious, and at the head of the media have huge traffic, mastered these from the media, is equivalent to have traffic distribution rights.


in fact, if you carefully explore, it is not difficult to find, the heat of the capital from the media industry has not cooled down, the financing of the project is not a small number. One, two, more, pencil Road, the new list, ten point reading, such a head from the media have received financing. In addition, there is a phenomenon: the more vertical from the media, it seems easier to get capital favor.

Reflections on

Flagr is the most promising Y Combinator incubator project in the second batch of projects, this is a LBS project when the concept was just emerging, you can place the video, photos and descriptions of embedded map, so that your friends will know you’ve been to these places, but it is for you those who have not been to these places and friends have what meaning? Perhaps Flagr is the lack of social elements, so that people can find some new interesting places and invite their friends to. At the same time, there is a lack of a way to organize these sites so that people can choose where they want to go. Foursquare has done very well in these areas.

Y Combinator can be called the incubator of the boss, it has invested hundreds of entrepreneurial projects, many have been successful, such as Reddit, Dropbox, Airbnb, Wufoo and so on, but also some looks very promising, but later failed.

Right of distribution of

‘s self media business model

, this is another of the second batch of incubation events. YouOS is a personal operating system that focuses on developers. The goal is to create a class desktop environment in browsers that allows different developers to work, manage files and collaborate in a desktop environment.

1, Flagr

however it is a bubble, peeling from the media, large data fraud "at the same time, also highlights the potential value of high-quality content from the media project. Even in the cold winter, the capital of high-quality media entrepreneurs from the show a particularly strong confidence.

is keen to invest in the media from Wu Xiaobo, referring to investment logic, he has said: "they only cast vertical categories of the first, second.". Investment is the pursuit of returns, it is impossible to burn money all the time. If only the fans are large, but the liquidation model is not clear, I will not consider.

3, IP copyright era: such as logic thinking, fellow uncle, soul’s distinctive aroma of these properties from the media are likely to evolve or has evolved into IP, which is from the media is also a major factor in the Chinese capital.

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