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in accordance with the Jinshan plan, the group will promote the full transformation of the various business sectors, mobile Internet, Jinshan WPS, Kingsoft network, Jinshan fast disk, Xishan residence and other core businesses are among them. A year later, the first paper handed over by various business units also gave the group the confidence to comment in the transition.


2012, for Kingsoft, is a year worth recalling.

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in Lei Jun seems, the mobile Internet is the general trend, the market potential is 10 times the PC Internet, "in recent years I have invested in several mobile Internet Co development is good."". Facts have proved that Lei Jun’s judgment is wise – today, Lei Jun $1 million angel investment YY company has grown into a market capitalization of $700 million of listed companies.

for the mobile Internet to Kingsoft, Kingsoft CEO Zhang Hongjiang said in an interview, the mobile Internet will be the future of the IT industry climax, Kingsoft has entered the climax, established with the office software, games, Internet security, cloud computing a few pieces of business for the mobile Internet business profit model support… The company basically realized the transition from traditional computer software providers to mobile Internet service providers.

just released 2012 Q3 earnings report, Kingsoft revenues of 365 million yuan, an increase of 51%; net profit of 119 million yuan, an increase of 42%. Among them, the entertainment software business revenue of 211 million yuan, an increase of 28%; application software business revenue of 152 million yuan, an increase of 96%.

three months, Lei Jun again convened media, this time with him for a new CEO Zhang Hongjiang, who has just left from a decade of Microsoft Asia Pacific R & D group CTO, President of Microsoft Asia Academy of Engineering jobs.

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09 years with the online shop growing, taobao according to statistics, in 09 years there will be about 600000 people directly and fully rely on taobao and employment, there are nearly 2 million people in the Taobao online indirect employment, that is to say there will be 600 thousand people to make money through the open shop, but many network operators to the website to open shop decoration completely unfamiliar with, so you need to provide some special shop decoration, picture processing and other services, so 09 years shop decoration art service website will accomplish much.


game will continue 08 years of glory, the work did not find students, unemployed, these users will spend less or not by playing some money free games to pass the boring time, alleviate the pressure of employment, so is the web games or game information, web games will become one of the most profitable project for 09 years the.

many webmaster friends asked me 09 years to do what kind of Web site can make money, for such a question is difficult to answer, the author summed up, I hope to want to do site novice webmaster friend a little help.

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how to make the gradual decline of the Jinshan revitalization of the wind, Lei Jun and Zhang Hongjiang will treasure in the mobile internet.


economic downturn, second-hand cars, second-hand computers, second-hand mobile phone market will be hot, if the webmaster can seize the opportunity to use the resources around

more people will be out of work in 09 years, and those who are out of work need to learn some skills and find some suitable projects for themselves through training. Therefore, the business training website visits will continue to rise, entrepreneurial sites can be combined with local training departments, through complementary resources, cooperation and win-win situation.

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open shop and e-commerce sites more, many people do some kind of product at the same time, of course, competition is very fierce, everyone in addition to spend money to do bidding advertising, is to do site optimization. There are games website, PW class website also needs through the website optimization to improve website ranking, as everyone knows, covering a wide range of strong, relatively low cost for advertising, so there will be more companies and network operators to improve their website ranking through the website optimization services, improve sales performance, there are many opportunities for website optimization service companies.

mobile Internet for income growth is not too much but still reflect, Jinshan in the earnings report: "the company has completed the declare in no uncertain terms comprehensive strategic layout of the mobile Internet transformation". From Jinshan network to Jinshan WPS, from Jinshan cloud to Jinshan games, the group’s several major business segments are in the mobile field at first. It can be said that, besides the PC business, mobile Internet has become a new step for Kingsoft’s "re pioneering" business.

on July 7, 2011, Lei Jun, Qiu Baijun, Zhang Xuanlong go into the conference room of 5 buildings of edifice of gold hill on the ground of Beijing together, hold the media communication meeting that decides future of gold hill here. Just two days ago, Kingsoft announced the chairman and CEO Qiu Baijun retirement plan, the nomination committee of the board of directors nominated Lei Jun as chairman, Lei Jun formally took over Jinshan banner.

, the global economic downturn, to stimulate more Internet users through online shopping this relatively cheap shopping way to reduce consumer costs, with the increasing number of users of online shopping, e-commerce shopping site has great potential, from digital products to the local specialty, from the general merchandise to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival, there will be more and more people accustomed to online shopping, so the resources of friends can try to do e-commerce shopping site will qiantu.

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