How to the coffee machine industry website anchor text optimization

in the external link anchor text >

written in the author’s general do anchor text will not be more than three, the general will in the first paragraph of the article on the left appears and the keyword bold hyperlink anchor text is < > in the text will choose one to the optimization of the key words add hyperlink < note: the hyperlink page and the anchor text is related to > to the last paragraph of the keyword appears the plus hyperlink. < note: the author found that some webmaster do anchor text in an article in the same word, in fact it does not what role they might also have certain negative effects, at the same time the article of the anchor text is best not to do the same for a key to do different keyword links to related pages. As shown in the figure below for the anchor text "first made coffee machine:

external link anchor text


two. Construction of the optimization of

content in the station anchor text optimizationBefore Each article

talked about optimizing a website is a commonplace talk of an old scholar thing, must do the webmaster should know, in order to improve the site keywords ranking will be two blocks, a construction site. Two. The construction of the website chain. Not the least of which is the anchor text in the construction of the content of the website and the chain of the building, webmasters are very clear mind construction of anchor text can better convey the weight as well as enhance the keyword ranking. Since the anchor text for a keyword ranking play such an important role, there may be some novice webmaster will ask, what is the anchor text? The author make a simple explanation, the anchor text is a hyperlink to a keyword selected and related pages. The anchor text approach is very simple, can not say what much technical content, but to optimize a good anchor text should pay attention to certain skills. Below the author to the optimization on the sale of coffee machine such a website as an example to share with you to share.


comes to optimizing station anchor text content, must first understand the anchor text do this is what kind of role, this problem may have certain confusion for some novice webmaster, then the author will first talk about the anchor text exactly in the station optimization content with what kind of role. Webmasters may think that don’t need to do the anchor text, page, if the anchor text will seem natural enough, for this I just speak in contact with the Shanghai dragon is this idea, later changed this concept, in fact also has a certain effect on the weight transfer in the anchor text page in, but also guide the crawling direction of search engine, which has not been previously indexed pages, re search engine crawling, but also give users a good experience, reduce the rate of jump out of the site. So how to better optimize the anchor text? The author will present the optimization of sales of coffee machine station to talk about.

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