A few questions about love Shanghai snapshot come under discussion

love Shanghai snapshot click into should show the date display is a snapshot of the web page, but sometimes click will appear in the page is deleted or you want to access the page does not exist, then such a problem is what causes it, here are some of my views, pay more attention to the recent love Shanghai originality and weight, some webmaster opportunistic to others website here under the change when their original to the website, but also everyone is the pseudo original, now, Shanghai has begun to punish these love, if you click on the page error information, then chances are you the pseudo original or this is love Shanghai found plagiarism, which hurt the entire home are removed to solve the problem and the first case is the same, that is high The quality of the

this is such today I say to search a keyword ranking on the first page, but the following.

since the last 628 events, many website snapshot love Shanghai stays in 6.30 before not updated, the last time in view the site Links are a snapshot is a piece of red, what is more, there will be the site is K, so we had to look at crawl rules love Shanghai, now let us about some problems appear in the process of the construction of the Shanghai love snapshot,

1: love Shanghai snapshot (update)


recently updated Shanghai love is very irregular, the site at any time by the danger of K, our site (www.shsem贵族宝贝) now shows the number 6.24, has exceeded the normal within a week, but was not affected, before the station is updated snapshot of the next day, since love Shanghai 628 event, snapshots of the station has not been updated, the station optimization and stood outside optimization have done a lot of work, but has not resolved, so this time I think this is not love Shanghai and not our own problems, on this issue I also asked a few colleagues that has to happen, so I’m not going to pay attention to. From the love of Shanghai snapshot problem is true, often, included snapshot backwards, greatly reduced, ranking decreased significantly, and fell in love with the sea weight decreased, once such a problem, then your station is very dangerous, the recent love the Shanghai question and original problems in the fight against the copyright, once found the original article or title and content does not meet, will be punished, do well in the station is very important. Snapshot station, take some original articles, let the love of spiders in Shanghai climb several times can be solved by

2, love Shanghai snapshot error page

3, when you fall in love with the sea search keywords, not the new page.


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