Exclusive opened several mysterious Shanghai Dragon Technology pig veil

, a QQ space ranking technology

1, the authority to set good keywords all open

on the Internet now, everyone Tucao, hurry away from Shanghai dragon! Shanghai dragon is dead! I think, the more we get away from, is the greatest opportunity.

as I understand, at the age of 20 you must enter into the right circle, we should strive to create their own circle after the age of 30.

we often see in the inspirational words: 20 years old with the right people, after 30 years to do the right thing, I think this is very reasonable.



QQ space


The more people you come into contact with

network marketing: blog marketing, QQ group marketing, mobile phone search engine promotion, group marketing, website promotion, Shanghai dragon soft media marketing, network marketing, forum marketing, email marketing, network public relations, word-of-mouth marketing, link promotion, quiz website promotion, event marketing, advertising marketing, pay auction marketing etc..

, you will be more and more understand it — the master door, in personal practice. No one can pull you in heaven, no one can kick kick you to hell.

in a multitude of names of network marketing, I love most is with Shanghai Dragon Technology marketing. Because I know Shanghai Dragon technology marketing to do well will be able to use the minimum cost to obtain more numerous opportunities, popular point is the low cost effect of leverage for me and other grass-roots.

QQ space ranking wasn’t so difficult, you can remember two words:

2014 should be popular with QQ space to do the ranking the first year, many industries are now weighted by QQ space super large start position to achieve the purpose of marketing.

whether you mixed white mafia or Internet circle, should pay attention to. You have no right way, stiff background, climbed to the ceiling is fukeji; the underworld, eldest brother you didn’t cover you, sooner or later be hacked in the gutter; Internet circle, you have not paid their dues into several have cheated on the Internet numerous times on the master with you, then you cheated more times the road twists and turns, more.

on the two picture is from the query to the webmaster tools where the use of QQ space and many words are ranked first in the industry. If you are interested, you can open their own webmaster tools, enter the QQ space address query, N industry keywords using QQ space occupation of Shanghai the first love.

Shanghai dragon or eat incense. Do not you see all kinds of masters of the Shanghai dragon training is still fast? Today, I will write a few die tall Shanghai Dragon Technology veil.

The cry of a

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