Do science Shanghai Longfeng everything from the common sense of novice slow reading

of a website is the amount collected by search engines crawl the page volume and quality to decide.

A, from the technical perspective, analysis page URL, HTML, heads;


(a) search engines

two, the overall ranking of website:

!Shanghai dragon

is a website ranking and aggregation page ranking consists of a single page.

(a) a single page ranking:

search engines can be judged by the analysis of the log file retention time spider crawl the site total residence time and grab a single page, so that we can be calculated by a formula.

The overall ranking of started to share! The overall


(to explain a problem is that the three factors accounted for will change, because the search engine algorithm to adjust so there will not list a general percentage. We can through the late experience to summarize).

B, from the content level, can analyze the original content (repetition rate below 20%, duplicate content is never a simple question).

traffic = overall included x overall ranking x total hits x search demand coverage

everyone! Today to share, make use of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge in the process of my system, to the novice friends to get a little more understanding and enhance the "Shanghai dragon flow", only this is

(Note: when you visit a website crawler long will have active and passive time crawl crawl time. The initiative is the search engine crawl time allocation of resources the amount of time to determine the active? Grab your time; passive crawl time is understandable for you to connect your site external website crawler, follow the link to your site to grab the length of stay).

next, I according to the composition of the four kinds of Shanghai Longfeng flow diagram in

said the single page ranking, we must first understand the components of a single page ranking. Here, using a formula to explain:

single page ranking = x page x external factors internal factors and other factors

page quality" by the technology and content itself


search engines crawl volume = crawler total residence time ÷ single page retention time

pageOn the "

, a web site overall included:


A: external factors:

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