The real objective and rules is the website construction and optimization of the inhibition

pseudo original or popular, attitude and values. The content of website construction, almost every website design and website optimization will look up to as the standard. Because the content is important in any case can not win website optimization without content. The search engine has repeatedly made it clear that the content of copy and not to effectively enhance the weight, in favor of the one and only the original search engine. The pseudo original do not have, it is the one and only the content is of high quality. A lot of software based on batch manufacturing of pseudo original, even the "Shanghai construction site" replaced the "sea website construction", meaningless illogical, can not win the trust of users naturally there is no way to get permanent search engine recognition.

.Whether Google or The author had written " The essence of

website optimization speed to" slow "winning", that the website construction and website optimization should be gradual, with "slow" winning is not really slow, but to comply with the objective law to ensure the safety of the situation fast slow". Unfortunately, now the common situation is that the process of making and optimization of construction site, impetuous mentality became louder every day. In the fast at the same time, different extent, contrary to the objective laws, such as the now popular pseudo original, even the black chain is popular, itself less glorious name and practices, naturally can not effectively enhance the website weight. Content, links and keywords layout has been regarded as the three core aspects of site optimization, we try to analyze.

love Shanghai, have publicly issued a document optimization guide. When talking about building links, all >

two, link building: the true natural and reasonable

, a content of the construction: quality and quantity to win the trust of users

reasonable content of construction should be smooth, step by step, or the content of construction to increase steadily, and can not be done overnight. But the reality is that many small and medium-sized enterprise website, it is No one shows any interest in long time. Happy time can release dozens of content, more often even the lack of the necessary maintenance. In addition to a lot of content is to copy and pseudo original, so how can we improve website weight? In particular, whether you use what way to update the site, only by the search engines to crawl and index will serve to enhance the effect of weight, so the quality of the content once again carry out.

often encounter such a problem, have been increasing links and enrich the content of the website, why ranking still motionless? Sometimes popular keywords appear declining phenomenon. A lot of website construction companies and professional website optimization personnel, have been emphasizing skills and execution, these points of view, this is not wrong, the appropriate method with strong favorable execution, lasting as long as they can persist, will win the final victory of website construction and optimization. The problem is, in many more research methods and techniques, while ensuring strong execution, thus ignoring the substantial rules under the eager.

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