The love of Shanghai product promotion is not The more the better not overdo sth

products in Shanghai love to send the chain, or for the promotion of their products, should pay attention to a degree, although the webmaster is very clever, you can call others to answer the question, or constantly change IP to confuse love Shanghai, but others are not fools, once found, the accounts have the risk was closed, it will come to naught.

so I think, love Shanghai product chain is also a relatively common chain, not the webmaster said outside the chain of high quality, it is easy to included and included can have a good ranking, only that the love of Shanghai has rich resources, will soon be able to make their products a a good place; this is not a personal guess, we can go to the noble baby search engines can be seen, in the love of Shanghai good keywords ranking, in the noble baby also have a good ranking, but also in other search engines, "Xiamen to Guangzhou bus" as an example, the major search engines is the home page, the following is a screenshot:

love Shanghai products have a good ranking in search engines love Shanghai, including Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar Encyclopedia of love love, love, love to know Shanghai Shanghai space and other products, as long as the general can be in the home show, many owners are very good at using love Shanghai products to promote and advertise their products, many to do the chain for the purpose of continuing to create difficult love Shanghai encyclopedia, in many webmaster eyes love Shanghai products chain is the one and only outside the chain of high quality, is it really so?

in order to prove it, I deliberately made a content is about the love, then love Shanghai know to find an article about others questions, answer, add a link to the article, because the answer with the questioner’s taste, and soon my answer is set to the best answer. You can immediately see this question and answer in your home. But found his link and did not love Shanghai included, not to mention the weight transfer, in fact we are found so many websites, do a lot of love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia links, know the link, but the ranking is not how.

Whether it is the use of

since the understanding of the weight of love Shanghai product links, of course is very important for the webmaster, do not blindly obsessed with it, now love Shanghai for their products more and more strict management, will not let the webmaster in the above so rampant, Shanghai know once linked by love is not difficult, now the general account the pass rate is very low, and there are reports, once someone report their accounts have the danger, love is not to mention the Shanghai encyclopedia, has always been a difficult and link products. In addition to the use of love Shanghai products do outside the chain, many people also use it to sell products, sell services, because in an article or a question can be discharged in good position, natural to see more people, people come to the consultation, consultation of people, products or services it sold out, this is the use of a love of products in Shanghai, he can simply realize the rankings, the conversion rate is also good.

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