Weapon forgotten clever use of love sharing website benefited from Shanghai

library, experience and other products, famous degree of love Shanghai share is relatively low, but it does not mean the Nothing is right., has a strong effect on the love of Shanghai share, now many websites have installed the love of Shanghai share, as shown below:

Compared with the

love Shanghai share role really is so obvious? How to make use of the website optimization of a tiger with wings added here I come to you? And a simple discuss.


we want to do site optimization should pay close attention to and rely on love Shanghai, therefore launched both love Shanghai algorithm or love Shanghai products will become the focus of our attention. Some products can also be we love Shanghai and become a weapon for our clever use of optimization, such as the common love Shanghai, love Shanghai know experience and so on, these tools can provide a good platform for us to make the chain, we optimize the site more easily. However, many people have forgotten a weapon: love Shanghai share.

& & benefits: speeding up the website website. Why? Love Shanghai share in the official website has shown that, if put on love Shanghai share can improve the spider crawling velocity, while enabling the web content display number is greatly improved, which means more and more, if our website is shared, the number of Web sites included snapshot and love Shanghai the frequency of updates will get a level, persevere, the content of the website to the second

?The article has [

& & two benefits: make website promotion more awesome. Today is the era of belonging to the share of the times, as long as your site quality is good enough to allow more people to share, so as to produce the virus effect, such as once the smash hit "Gangnam style" is so. So, put on love Shanghai share, can provide a share of our website function for users, convenient for users to share and reproduced, also greatly enhance the visibility of the site.

is not a dream!

[Second]: how to use love to get Shanghai to share these benefits of

] Shanghai: first love sharing can bring what benefits for

readers briefly discusses the various benefits of website mount love Shanghai share, but not all sites are packed with love can get Shanghai to share these benefits, but we need to master some skills to play their role to the extreme in order to achieve the above effect. For the use of love of Shanghai share, the author also slightly some experience, here to share with you:

(1) for each brush platform. In the website not much visibility, timely put love Shanghai share is also not be many people willing to share a website, which requires us to use some other means: for each brush platform, the most typical is the share mutual brush QQ group, in Shanghai will search out a lot, readers can to search:

website optimization?

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