The use of wheel for two weeks for you to make love in Shanghai

above is just a simple chain sprocket of longer length would be transferred to the effect will be better, the weight of the main station will be higher. Suggest you Adsense have some more mainstream blog, blog like website, the construction is very simple and convenient, and almost no charge, even overdo it by search engine optimization K off will not feel bad. When I was doing the sprocket, will first consider the use of space for love love Shanghai, Shanghai space is love Shanghai’s products, like love their children in Shanghai. As long as love Shanghai space use well published articles are basically seconds. Especially in the new Shanghai post love space, whether good or bad, will be included in five minutes. As long as a blog post by search engines, you stay in this blog to the next blog and the station anchor text will be a spider crawling, the weight can pass in every blog, to the master station.

The construction of

chain is a kind of technology of Shanghai dragon novel, is simply a kind of more than four websites or blogs linked to the situation. For example, A, B, C, D four sites, including A, B, C three for the blog, D is the main station optimization. The sprocket generally requires at least three links together, D is the main station you want to optimize, here you can link to the B A, and then link to the D; B with C chain, and chain to D; C with A chain, and chain to D. Through the chain situation, the key to the optimization of the anchor text pointing to the main station in the article, and at the end of another article title to do anchor text to the next blog article (diagram below), and increase the weight of reverse link master key words, finally reached the station in search engine results ranking promotion. The chain effect can be said to be very obvious, I did take the word tank as an example, I use the chain of the most simple, a chain wheel with six blogs, another ten blogs, and then write the original text, with only two weeks to love the sea third. Although the term is not very difficult, but the effect is remarkable sprocket.


chain requires strategy plan. The so-called strategy plan, before this work do not refer to sprocket blog promotion as the first, out of order, to put all sorts of things together is a a. It needs to carry out your strategy plan. Do it later, you will find that your work will become orderly up. The sprocket strategy can effective organization of your blog, and will promote the role of your blog to acme.


finally is the practical application of the sprocket is more of a physical labor, the construction process will feel very boring, but also consume energy. The use of sprocket is not immediate immediately can achieve the goal, it is a long-term work. It’s the need to calm down and keep the webmaster, only blog PR or weight lifting to a certain extent, to be able to master your weight >


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