Shanghai Longfeng industry three Shanghai Dragon Staff

first class: primary Shanghai dragon


second: intermediate Shanghai dragon

It should be said that the Shanghai

second class staff relative to the first class is not so mechanization, because relatively technical personnel should be a stroke above than the first class. Shanghai Longfeng intermediate and primary staff of Shanghai Longfeng personnel difference is that this kind of personnel are generally not mechanically to release the chain and update the station. But more than first class personnel to master some skills, such as to mining and analysis, can write soft words. This kind of personnel income generally higher than the first class staff.

third: Senior Shanghai dragon

see this title may be exclaimed, Shanghai dragon was classified? Yes, it is divided into various grades and ranks of Shanghai Longfeng personnel. Gibberish did not say more, then we take a look at how I will classify the sub member of Shanghai dragon.

first look at the first class, the first class is the primary Shanghai Longfeng personnel. This kind of personnel is mainly engaged in two kinds of daily work, is a website editor, is a chain of personnel. Strictly speaking, this kind of personnel is not the real Shanghai dragon staff. The staff in general are more mechanized, and more general income.

third kinds of personnel is Shanghai dragon industry sector in a class between bovine A and bovine C, is a senior technical staff member in the Shanghai dragon, and three kinds of personnel in the highest income, usually served as senior director, director of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon or network marketing positions in the company. In addition to such personnel can master the Shanghai Dragon technology, but also for the training of Shanghai dragon team, the performance appraisal of Shanghai dragon team, data statistics and analysis of Shanghai dragon, such personnel can according to the needs of users to Shanghai dragon. This is the real Shanghai Longfeng personnel staff.

after reading this article, you are where they have a clearer understanding of it? We must have a clear position on their own, like industry, keywords, on site, the user has a location is the same reason, don’t be around some day effect is not a good man. Well, on the classification of Shanghai Longfeng staff wrote here. This article from the original Shanghai Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 贵族宝贝chaoxi tide dragon, please keep the link, thank you

is a type of Dragon Technology Based on statistics and analysis of the work, but now most of the so-called Shanghai dragon when it as a toil to do. So there was a lot of personnel in Shanghai Longfeng not many companies complain about income, the boss complained that Shanghai Longfeng poor effect. In fact, they are not able to grasp the true meaning of the Shanghai dragon.

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