Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform correct understanding of indexing tools

part of the webmaster found data curve index tools provide fluctuation index that tool does not fly, is it true?

so, the owners do not have paid too much attention to the index, the correct approach is to index and flow together: when flow changes, can cause analysis from the index data. On the other hand, even if the index has huge fluctuations, as long as the flow is not changed nor excited.

first we remind the webmaster, the index only refers to the love of Shanghai search engine to establish the total index ", said the website how many pages in the search results can be used as a candidate," because of the scarcity of different importance and different content, there is a big difference between the probability of the show. In other words, even if your website has 100 million pages to be indexed, perhaps can really only 100 pages to get traffic.

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