Love Shanghai webmaster push function once again updated


content as above in the red box, "the little lost reptile conjecture since upgrading the active push function, there should be a lot of owners in the use of this tool, but I guess it should be only the unreasonable use of Shanghai let love make this tool adjustment, limiting the number of one-time level push, so that on the one hand the webmaster can avoid abuse this tool to push a large number of duplicate data, on the other hand can also urge the webmaster newly generated link address to real-time push, do not save set together a node in a large one-time push, increase at a certain node server intermittent load. In Shanghai since love has been updated, hope webmaster friends see you should also adjust their strategies, because many owners are active push function configuration to suit.

localization testing: careful webmaster friends see the data parameters of remain push in the local command box can also keep the value of the state is "1", no matter how much data you push, remain unchanged, while the success parameter value number URL will show specific push for success, because the lost small reptiles "that has been updated, wood to screenshot, so can only describe the share to everyone.

as long as the push order has been updated, every site when using active push function, has no concept of quota, I guess this is the main reason for the introduction of Baiduspider3.0, in order to grab data love Shanghai made more new. In the past, when using the active push function, according to each site situation, you can use token in some third party tools to query your quota, exceeding the quota every day cannot continue to push, so love Shanghai to push the new tool also can be seen Baiduspider3.0 times to grab the website data more open, the key is the search engine in order to have the new breakthrough.

The first is to update the


second update

, the first update

this Monday at the beginning of the day’s work, in accordance with the contents of habit will this month issued a new article to take the initiative to push a specific reason not elaborated here, because I have been in the local Windows environment with good curl active push function, therefore to derive new generated links address directly to copy and paste I set up the txt file, then open the command box using the webmaster provide curl command, paste into the command frame, result error, display can only push the 2000 data diagram as follows:


careful webmaster friends do not know that no, love Shanghai recently for the active push function is the second time the update. "The little lost reptile recent love Shanghai active push function to update the webmaster friends make a summary to share.

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