You can search ask the chain

in Shanghai Longfeng, my teacher told me excitedly that the weight of the inquiry platform is very high, the chain of words will be very good at the top, and love Shanghai platform development is very mature, very difficult to do in the above link. But just soso in Q field just force, there are many imperfections in the above, can easily send the chain. Then tell me, while Soso Ask is still young, and quickly on multiple points of the chain, the way to raise some senior account for standby.

A few days ago in

Zac teacher once said, don’t really know what to 10 search engine ranking rules, most are based on the master hand they are familiar with that, they have a strong theoretical significance for us, but not necessarily correct. The only thing we can do is keep learning, and let us closer to some truth.

can search ask the chain? Different people will tell you different answers, but these people are very confident, confident that you think what they say is the truth.

is currently on my Search ask the chain understanding so far, I believe that is not the end, through this thing I see two points, say out to share with you:

so with respect to love Shanghai, search Q & a content platform are original, so the Search ask the content source muzike collected. If your content is well done, will generally be acquisition software acquisition on their website, there are few owners will put your links manually removed, so you only sent a chain to get hundreds of links. But the natural link, whether it is in the domain of the breadth and quantity are very good.

two looks something wrong is always the right


I just started to learn

, and a senior Shanghai Longfeng personnel exchanges, he told me he was still on the Search ask the chain, I was very surprised, he told Soso Ask do not jump, transfer the weight, he laughed. He told me Soso Ask the platform itself does not fall in love with the love of the sea link, and most of the people are aware of this truth.

so I can’t really do that Search ask the chain, I think a lot of intermediate Shanghai dragon R are also think so, but is it true?

the truth often lies in.

There is no absolute master

later, listening to another Shanghai Dragon Master lecture, the Master heard that there are people in micro-blog, Soso Ask watercress, on the chain, showing a very disdain, but also said that even if you do the chain a month I didn’t do the chain work an hour. The reason is Soso Ask, micro-blog and watercress links do not jump, do nofollow, cannot transfer the weight or not is crawling.

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