With a good wind to send me the Albatron SMO self brand marketing is not easy to do

the reason is because the domestic network marketing has become a hotly contested spot military entered the era of brand, "Whoever has will be given to him, the one who has not, even what he claimed to have" the "Matthew effect" is increasingly obvious. Brand means high popularity, high flow, high user trust — which means higher site operating income.

a friend said: "my friends do a forklift rental business. Come up through the network business is quite rare, and most of the network business is Difficult miscellaneous diseases are other people can not do, or do not want to take the business, no water".

but if job seekers in the industry has a certain reputation and industry arena connections — your professional ability has been the industry have a certain degree of recognition, the above theorem will be lapsed automatically for grassroots entrepreneurs.

love Shanghai pictures, online "forklift rental information" meet the eye everywhere


this is the cruel reality, the current enterprise management principle for more money when the hammer Book Novel "Fortress Besieged" in the three village university president Gao Song years – "the school not only train students, professors and should be created. Find a group of people without fame, they want to take the light of the school, there is that they rely on the status of the school, while the school will not they can not, this talent can really with the school as one of "the use of sleight of hand.


is not "two generation" or "two rich generation" grass-roots entrepreneurs, must take precautions on the basis of accurate positioning, the use of low cost network of social media marketing, original content system to construct their own unique style of the unremittingly, create their own brand, let oneself become my hope a person, is known to more people.

in this case, for the vast majority of the lack of more high "price" unique product service network marketers must abandon Shanghai Dragon (or other Wangzhuan method) resell the upstart fantasy, to decisively change the idea, take the initiative to adapt to the era of brand characteristics, from marketing products to change self marketing, can in an invincible position.

, for example, many people complain that work hard, no Bole appreciation themselves, have changed a lot of jobs are unsatisfactory, can not allow ourselves to realize the ambition, self realization, it does not need to blame others for not only, more because of their lack of visibility of the industry and some human resource veins.

For the vast majority of

is now the China has entered a market supply surplus based business information over communication era, in the face of the market too many goods, even in the face of life too many opportunities for people who have no choice, deeply depends on the "recommended" that the whole society for attention, the news from the two generation "another point of view also reflects this China society depend on the" recommended ".

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