The subversion of the traditional labor outside the chain of soft Wen exchange worry more effort

love Shanghai recently a lot, many webmaster reflects his site is down the right, leading to keywords ranking drop, even some of the site was careful not to pull hair. Every good change can let the webmaster Voices of discontent. Only after the bow, Speechless. By love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization webmaster meal only to continue to adapt to the change of Baidu. No matter how to love the Shanghai algorithm, the content and the chain is always key to training the weights of the website. In operation, the webmasters have learned the ropes, write their own original or false original content have been handy, this has become the largest chain webmaster pain.

chain statistical table

chain for the benefits of the website is obviously, for an experienced webmaster, through the chain to push the target keywords become every day will do the job. Keywords in the rankings, followed by increased traffic to the site, stationmaster income depends on it. But now the chain is becoming more and more difficult, although there are many outside the chain, I personally do have soft, forum posting, classified information, inquiry platform, blog and personal signature. The first half of the chain, to understand their behavior, also very sad. These sad chain do too much trouble, and the effect is not obvious, has always been shut out, being treated ShanTie titles.

classified information: domestic famous classified information station has 58 city, go to the market. Unfortunately, leaving only the bare chain, increase the exposure rate, did not call a good outside chain. No effect on keyword ranking.

soft: webmaster kind website text, to contribute platform time, weight is high enough, add your own website address or anchor text. Submission through the audit is not easy, and now the majority of stationmaster net has banned insert anchor text.


Forum: continue to register, continue to post, continue to be deleted. Not easy to leave a few stable points, a few days to see a post, disappeared again, it is a round of torture. And these few high weight forum.

, a chain of traditional mode of laborThe

The data

quiz platform: love Shanghai know difficult, motionless titles, unless you plan a careful quiz, multiple IP multiple accounts together. Soso Ask is easy to do, but the answer through the audit is not simple, leaving only the link address.

character signature: small supporting role only, to improve the comprehensive effect.

blog: blog delicate, have to keep. Keep close to 100 blog, actually only 10 were included.

is definitely the best of the chain website + anchor text weight high, the naked chain and text chain has little effect. And every day the hair of the chain of time, the main work is focused on looking for the chain resources, it is hard to find good who let the chain. >

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