Han Han sued the Shanghai Library of Shanghai dragon love is a blessing or a curse

Hello, I am your old friend Wei Dongdong. The essence of the most concern to the industry is a case of love Han Han sued the Shanghai library. The case will be on trial next Tuesday is July 10, 2012. The cause of the whole thing is this! Han Han works for love Shanghai library users pay to download, love Shanghai gains, Han Han did not have any return. Han Han to Shanghai to the Haidian court to prosecute claims more than 25 yuan, in addition to outside, also requires close love Shanghai library. The Plaintiff alleged that Han Han, he is a young writer, famous contemporary composer, is also a member of the writers rights alliance. "Like the teenager dashes forward" is one of his works, on the side of the city by different groups of readers.

essence the most let us Shanghai dragon sector for the moment is if you love Shanghai library shelves, for our Shanghai dragon website optimization industry is a blessing or a curse from all walks of life have different views, so the author roughly can be summed up in several situations.

love Shanghai library is the defendant Beijing love Shanghai Netcom Science and Technology Co., Ltd. management for users to upload, download, online reading novels, documents and materials and all kinds of document network platform. Users upload documents, the document editing network platform required format for users to online reading or pay per download. Han Han, according to the provisions of the People’s Republic of China "copyright law" and relevant laws and regulations, to the Haidian court, requesting the court to order the defendant to immediately stop the infringement of the plaintiff’s Copyright Act, and take effective measures to stop the infringement of the copyright act again Han Han. At the same time, the defendant was ordered to close the Shanghai library and love for 7 days in Shanghai love home to Han Han offer an apology. In addition, Han Han also requested the defendant to compensate the economic losses 254000 yuan and bear to stop infringement and reasonable fee for litigation expenses 4038 yuan.


stood on the pessimistic side.

Robin Li, 44 years old, love Shanghai company founder, chairman and chief executive officer. He was a handsome, this year has just been named the world’s richest Forbes China is the richest man in the mainland, the mainland idol temperament business leaders.

However, in the current


Han Han, 30 years old, young writer, racer and songwriter. He was elected to the United States last year, sharp writing, "time" magazine "the most influential 100 people in the world", is the most popular Chinese, most young people love star writer.


March 15, 2011, the outbreak of the conflicts between them. 50 famous writers including Han Han, accused Robin Li founded the love of Shanghai intellectual property infringement. Han Han wrote "a letter to Mr. Robin Li", the climax of this dispute, aroused great concern.

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