He said Shanghai dragon to duck the expert

love Shanghai adjustment algorithm, Shanghai dragon transformation


love Shanghai algorithm of frequent adjustment, mainly because of interest, following Zhu Weikun again risked being love Shanghai banned case, write their own point of view, to write this, if you love Shanghai blocked me, I felt love in Shanghai, love Shanghai more mixed, a list of articles are holding back, love Shanghai. Not in writing his drawback. However, written to write this article, I think it is not around a lot of experts Shanghai dragon deities are really to go to the countryside to cattle, and all the love sea brand, because I love Shanghai so have the power of their business.

since the 628 event, get millions of owners to make trouble, then you have to drop right, overnight no ranking, the site remains included. This time, what love is a bit like Shanghai? "

said, love Shanghai as to a K station? Estimate this in the industry is also discussed for a long time, basically agree with the idea that love Shanghai so much, basically there will be K station that day. In fact, this is all in favor of the idea of Zhu Weikun. However, several times after the update, it was found a little problem, that is love Shanghai love to play with you.

is the first to write this year, estimates the election, so the Internet is a relatively free speech, triggered a series of problems. A big problem, we do not say, say it and we are closely related. Love Shanghai, has always been to those profits products provide natural sales platform, so many illegal enterprises are relying on their love of Shanghai. In previous years, the industry profits, are seeking to do they love Shanghai bidding, this year is too much exposure, so basically the product profits, are the end of the nest.

national day, and began to struggle. This is the most Shanghai dragon to a target of their workers. Today, finally on the line, a line is to see some friends sent greetings, but also with Zhu Weikun about the exchange of knowledge, will be in the title of the following content, write an article, mainly after June 28th, love Shanghai has K station adjustment algorithm, and then the Qihoo 360 to do a search, love Shanghai has been changed Shanghai Longfeng, let a lot of suffering, so write this:

although a lot of people who are not afraid of death, everybody dare to do anything to make money. But love Shanghai is not willing to do it, so put your hand into the traditional industries. What kind of life move, cleaning, small enterprises and so on a series of lock. Originally developed by Shanghai dragon is in place, the love for people of Shanghai call, they should to do, this is why? Because I love Shanghai needs performance! As mentioned above, many violent love Shanghai products are not on, and how to do performance and double? The only way is to do get these people to do the bidding, do not bid? How is it? Of course the feathers, K station.

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