Actual combat get traffic from Shanghai with love hot news pictures

so, for a site, how do we get traffic from Shanghai love through the use of hot news pictures? I think there are a few points:

Shanghai has to follow the picture of love only a short while ago, Google pictures, two search engines are waterfall style picture function. The first is not to say that the style of the user experience, but at least we can fall in love with the sea to follow Google this style through the hot news pictures to get some traffic.

in combat before the author or digression. I have a power station, love Shanghai only included in the page, but not included. Previously I had on the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival National Day published an article "the mid autumn day driving everything going on – highway traffic jam", the paper also deliberately inserted into a high-speed road traffic image, to increase the readability of the article. However, so I did not think that, just a high-speed road traffic. But for readers with some traffic. Because, the station has been K, keyword basically is not included, but by searching the highway traffic related pictures, but the accident brought some traffic, so I was surprised!

two, since it has been inserted into the picture, but how can you love Shanghai included website images, alt, title, key words will play a role, but even for the optimization, also can’t let love Shanghai very soon included. Here to tell you a trick, a love for Shanghai, put the picture in the space, write a title keyword news event, let the keywords in the content section appeared several times, in addition, the description of the pictures there must be the main keywords of the popular event. (pictured above, a Beijing high-speed traffic jam)




, for a soft, if equipped with relevant pictures, illustrations realize style by the favour of search engine, user experience degree can also play a certain role. So, if we want to get traffic through popular pictures, insert a picture in this paper is a must. In the insert picture, pictures to add ALT tag, ALT tag is actually a double role, on the one hand it can help users to understand the content of the picture, such as when to put the mouse on the picture text content inside the ALT will appear to prompt the user for this picture is what, especially when the picture some reason did not load successfully, the picture will display text content inside the ALT, so it will not because the picture does not exist and affect the user to understand the content of the whole page. Don’t hand it is also helpful for the Shanghai dragon, ALT is actually equivalent to the anchor text text inside it, to the search engine that the content of the picture, the ALT tag can quickly let the picture was a key factor in the search engine to find the. (see figure -ALT tag)

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