An analysis of domestic mainstream search engine image search

search engine image search whether or interface functions are very similar. The URL address you can upload your pictures or paste pictures. When we search through the picture we can find what? You can find relevant information such as name, pictures, news, an unfamiliar person or star and so on, you can find a picture of the shooting information; you can find pictures of the reference site; when there is a picture of your hand you can find the one size compared to or no watermark, even in PS before 1763, etc..



We compared the

home, love Shanghai last year launched its image search function (贵族宝贝stu.baidu贵族宝贝) called love sea map, in mid 2011, Google released the image search function (贵族宝贝 noble baby贵族宝贝.hk/imghp called Google pictures), shortly thereafter in August 15, 2011, as the third major domestic search engines also launched this feature (贵族宝贝pic.sogou贵族宝贝).



Sogou search results only one. Therefore, Sogou is not as powerful as they describe, but as a small search engine, this limitation is acceptable.

This three

in image search in Google Oh structure, Google will automatically prompt related words. As shown above. But the search results page seven. It is about a pair of shoes a total of 70 sites.

, Google, search for love in Shanghai the three largest search engine market share have launched their own image search function, find the image search function of these three different search engines become very interesting, then we have to look at these three different search engines.

is the perfect image matching, image content, appearance is similar to map, image content recognition and convenient drag pictures. See from the can, Google and Sogou relative to the powerful function in the sea.


I was the two test, the first test I uploaded a picture of Transformers, for the popular picture, be quite different three search results. So the author conducted second tests, second times the upload is a shoe lace wedding pictures, the search results are not the same.

love Shanghai search structure is disappointing. It is not the result of. Shanghai love image search is just a >

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