The case analysis to teach you how to do the station optimization and chain layout

Case: The front page of

images, we should set up a picture of the anchor text in the address below, there are a lot of people think that the picture ALT attribute add keywords not to go? This is very wrong understanding, the function of ALT attribute is only picture of the anchor text notes did not vote vote function cannot produce rankings the role of a key.

two, the chain strategy set



control is the most number of pages in more tangled problem, because many people don’t know how much the right within the chain. The weight of the website is so in theory by chain links to pass on is less, but an industry there will be a lot of long tail keywords which will be produced in a large number of pages to participate in the long tail keywords ranking get flow, today to a Shanghai dragon to everyone through the case analysis of how to control and optimize the internal chain.

search Xi’an wedding photography, wedding was fifth Xi’an Bo, today has become the first to see. This web page and in the layout of the chain has a fatal flaw, even to the first ranking will fall. That is the search keywords user demand for wedding photography is a picture, but the station made a text station.

1. chain

is the wrong location recommended no anchor text links, search engine requirements for each page must have a text link to this page.

we look at a case, Lijiang wedding photography, this website in the title of the chain as shown above. Wedding photography influence users click on the pictures, so you how to write the title, users rarely, like this title is no one search, and the user is unable to understand the first time. Art should set the font or the production of crystal seal in the picture, marked theme in the picture. Lijiang and Shuhe town filming the attractions is no one search keywords and the ancient town of Shuhe Lijiang wedding is the word someone search, so we change the title of the ancient town of Shuhe Lijiang wedding, which can not only give keywords vote but also meet the needs of users.

1. chain strategy set


, a control of the chainThe number of

wedding photography industry user’s explicit demand is price and pictures, to see others recessive demand is taken out of the results (case) and others in what place, and style etc.. Because the wedding around the user can learn from the few examples, the people around is not married, and everyone love the different style of the environment is different, can not give advice, so if the picture station must consider the needs of users.

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