Shanghai dragon can do the unusual perfectly logical and reasonable is the right way

ZAC for the more extreme, as we all know, ***贵族宝贝 and www***贵族宝贝 are two different sites in the eyes of search engines, but under normal circumstances whether the search engine or general user established the two domain name should point to a website, people put it into two different sites on different this unusual content, the search engine will only confuse, such abnormal things on a website appears, it is easy to cause the search engine you doubt: this site is an unusual site, alienated.

Another example of

in the search engine and the user’s eyes became offbeat (suspicious or untrustworthy website), being alienated, big trouble. For example, the love of Shanghai "search engine optimization guide 2", citing a love of Shanghai.

If the

in Shanghai Longfeng and site operation also must pay attention to avoid suspicions, avoid suspicion, can not do the unusual cause unnecessary misunderstanding and search engine users. Because you have a web site for people to see, the more simple, so users and search engines to easily clear know the content of your site (service), not to search engine spiders and users around the halo, the ambiguity is vital.

to avoid suspicions, avoid suspicion is great wisdom

Chinese the ancients said: "to avoid suspicions, avoid suspicion", which means "passing the melon not to mention shoes, lest others doubt their stolen melon plum tree; through the Sorting Hat, lest others mistake their own picking plums". Metaphor upright gentlemen in the life and work to be careful and take the initiative away from some controversial things and people, to avoid causing unnecessary disputes.

ZAC gave two examples, one is Shanghai dragon ER if a domain name within a few weeks the Shanghai dragon do not go up, immediately for a completely different industry website, it will make the search engine and users confused, so a few back down, you will be the domain name search engine with the old user’s original alienated, how to do it is difficult to obtain the search engine and users, then the faint is yourself.

this is not alarmist, mogujie贵族宝贝 CEO June in the know to answer "not credible mogujie贵族宝贝 content identification" question said: "the suspicious user behavior is not the same with ordinary users; long-term active users, behavior mode is the convergence" — this principle is fully applicable to the search engine and website operation process.

on this point, ZAC in his "Shanghai dragon" in actual combat password to remind Shanghai dragon ER said: "the site is to be one of the reasons why Shanghai dragon is to make the search engine more quickly and more easily extracted web content…… Shanghai dragon to do is to reduce the workload of the search engine, make clear, consistent with the conventional web content directly in the search engine’s eyes. Do some strange things on the web, search engines or confused, or in strange ways".

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