Shanghai Longfeng orders seven skills skill decided the success rate of orders

1, linear expression: according to different linear expression should pay attention to the way the customer, if the customer is familiar with the Shanghai dragon so direct expression will be better.

in Shanghai Longfeng orders during the first meeting, the interview skills often determines your order success rate, so in Shanghai Longfeng orders, the need to pay attention to what interview skills? The Foshan Qingfeng team and share:



, an interview should pay attention to the image of


face-to-face communication skills speech interview skills

2, respect: when visiting customers whether other personnel or units of client reception we should have respect, first came to be more polite.

2, occupation occupation image represents our attention to our occupation. Shanghai Longfeng orders should look like, we should be equipped with some of the configuration, such as "notebook", if not convenient, you can print the manuscript as a case.

4, listen: in Shanghai dragon orders skills fourth has stressed the importance of listening to each other. This >

, the 3 partner image: a person must be a single play, the best partner is male and female partner, so to make a choice based on the nature of the customer can be met when the assistant, who do according to actual circumstances.

3, reasonable name: on reasonable call is polite, if you don’t know, it should ask a good, if you know the name "XYZ manager" "so Mister" is a good name, really do not understand the situation of "gentleman" is not a bad idea.

1, a clear objective: do Shanghai Longfeng orders or other orders or not, we should clear our customers and the purpose of the interview, but also according to different customers make different choices. A clear purpose does not mean that everything is reached, step by step, according to different customers, to achieve a certain effect. Is according to the different customers we have to the work.

3, a special treat: some customers to understand the Shanghai dragon, but due to the network investment may be hesitant to state, so the promotion, sales package may be a better choice.

1, personal image: personal image is the first impression to the customer, before meeting clients. We should have a basic understanding of the customer, according to the nature of the customer to choose different clothing, when we can not go to the small and medium-sized enterprise access to the noble wearing a suit of famous brand, like to talk about the list instead of a small amount of us have a good background.

curve expression: curve expression is not familiar with the customers in Shanghai dragon or simply do not understand, then we should explain the attitude of the presentation to the customer, so that customers gradually understand this time Shanghai Dragon don’t worry, patience down, give the customer account.


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