How to optimize the new website

Do not know how to optimize their own website,

most of the owners believe that writing is a chore, pen do not know what to write, there is no desire to write, I am also a novice, but I don’t care how to write, I am not afraid of you to make fun of, if we make fun of it, my own soft writing will never improve. Write text is to see more, more analysis, write; read is to enrich their own knowledge, more analysis is to see the structure of the article is to write more hierarchical layout, exercise their own soft writing. I have recently done a new web site, a site called "Qing Imperial wine", the content inside, I was hard to write. Love is now Shanghai optimization focus on user experience, the original content of the site is also very important, the content of the website is valuable to users… If you want to do a good Shanghai dragon ER, Shanghai dragon ER soft writing is essential lesson, whether it is old or new webmaster webmaster need to learn soft writing, this is the inevitable trend of Shanghai dragon optimization.

ER to have a good attitude, but also to develop good habits; good attitude and good habits will determine the future development trend of your website. For example: the website content update, not five days fishing, three days, today update dozens, tomorrow a also not update, like Zhao Benshan’s essay said, this is not fooled people, say here is the fool spider performance. This is a matter of habit; some new friends for instant success, today only online web site, to the home page tomorrow, this mentality, do not have the elements of Shanghai dragon ER have. Some people send the chain one day over thousands or even tens of thousands of the chain, on the one hand, the quality is not high, the chain of garbage are; the pursuit of rapid optimization of the home page on the other hand mentality. Lead to excessive optimization, the final result of everyone as can be imagined.

second, as the Shanghai dragon ER to learn the writing of soft

first, as the Shanghai dragon ER have a good attitude and habits of

Shanghai dragon

as a new webmaster, this is my contact points since the Shanghai dragon view, of course, I am also towards the direction of ER in Shanghai Longfeng progress, I still want to remind you that Shanghai dragon can not speak too and optimization, to update your website, focus on user experience, all from the user think, believe that your site will be a >

in many new Adsense website online is very confused, more tangled. No optimization, no plan targets, all day long hair external links, daily updated website content, the article is not included, even if included, the next day falls off, so the chain of hair. But no one to reflect on why you worked so hard to do things, hit the water ticket. The article included day off the chain of hair is a day off the calendar harm. I think no matter is old or new webmaster webmaster have encountered similar problems, how to solve it, I personally think that the Shanghai dragon ER to have the following 2 points:

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