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since the media in this era, everyone has the right and promote their way. Of course, the promotion is a science, not casually to his successful marketing out. Is to promote the marketing, the use of all favorable factors to their packaging, sell yourself, of course, personal blog is the same reason. Today Xiaobian to tell you how personal blog promotion out of their own.

now many websites, the forum. Will you say, in reply to time, back will automatically keep up with a small tail, after the signature of the custom. We formulate the signature, put their links inside. Then, it appeared in various forums, to the problem. As long as everyone is familiar with, there are always people who are interested in your point links. This is a very good way of promotion, it is also very simple to use.

Two, the search engine  

own blog content will be optimized after, will officially enter the promotion of this step. Have their own rules in the network, if you browse the blog traffic and the amount is very large, it will automatically identify the search engine, the front will be placed on the link to your blog search. Because the browser more blog is the research object of these key network personnel, your link will not lower ranking. If not, they can also carry out the application, such as love Shanghai search, Google search, search and so on 360 communicate with related people to submit their own application.

, a blog content optimization


signature promotionHave a custom signature features are

this depends on their preferences, if you are active in various forums, also love to share some of the Raiders.

to promote their own personal blog, don’t see before, must will optimize the content. Some of the content of writing does not require the use of beautiful words, as long as the content inside the clear, fluent language, have a little of your personality. This is a way to attract visitors. If you have a certain depth, can be the location for your own theme, around the theme of content updates. If the blog content unintelligible, very boring, so there will not be much out of the audience, there will be a phenomenon.

this promotion method is more simple, you can add some QQ group, of course, these groups with their own blog content is closely related. The members are interested in this information, then you can use the form of the document will be put in their own blog link, upload group sharing way. In this way, can also be placed in the chat blog from time to time after the link, attract people to visit.

group promotion

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