Love of Shanghai 7 13 black Friday

: why didn’t the first website by 6.28 events

second: love Shanghai 7.14 black Friday comes



believe in the love of Shanghai 6.28 event was affected by the webmaster of schadenfreude, certainly not because of the content of the site itself quality is high, but because I have just escaped, some site is not affected by the events of 6.28 in Shanghai, in fact, I feel strange, why is the same content of low quality website. This is not caught it, so with fluky psychology to look at love Shanghai 6.28 event.



by more than two times the event concluded that the content of the web site if it is belongs to the acquisition, reprint, synonyms or antonyms pseudo original, will not survive three months, at least I summed up from its own website, content quality is the only affected factors, almost all of the website is to create through the pseudo original tools, even they didn’t complete after reading an article, because the pseudo original tools of synonyms, antonyms and replace function too strong, it can make a good article to let people cannot read the mumbo-jumbo, although the site is K, but fortunately most incisive it is now clear that they can no longer use the pseudo original tools, but also let the author from the concept of return station group to build the brand stand, spend a lot of time to collect a few articles The original article, to run a website is enough, if the site is too much will lead to inadequate, so we must do what to do.

third: the two incidents of self reflection

told the webmaster friends site if you want to love Shanghai K station is no longer affected by the storm, try to do the content of the work, love Shanghai official also said in a statement.

yesterday evening, perhaps many webmaster in exclamation: "the livelong night, can’t fall asleep," love Shanghai last night and the emergence of big move, believe in the love of Shanghai 6.28 event is not affected by webmaster, today it is difficult to escape the love of Shanghai K station on the K stand the storm, storm and what caused the

have to say, love Shanghai black Friday comes suddenly like a storm, the author of the website, kill a be taken by surprise too late to do anything to remedy what love Shanghai this time K station storm represents what? I think, feel in love 6.28 incidents in Shanghai escaped the screening mechanism and the love of Shanghai. In the second wave triggering mechanism algorithm love Shanghai, love Shanghai official also said in a statement, the content of low quality sites will be affected in different degree, so I think after all content or quality problems in time.


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