The enterprise website content construction site chain attract spider

spider come or not depends on your website content quality, content quality, natural spider crawling frequently, it is for you to take it, it will not go. How to carry out the chain attract spider in my station, palletizing machine as an example and analyzed mainly from the following aspects.

this is Like attracts like. argument, the main idea is to use the keyword classification, so the new article list form. This is the point and line, the line is the list page, keyword is point to point line function. This perplexing website connects a clear site structure pattern. This is also I do a method of stacking machine of Fuji station chain.

remember who said this sentence, a house does not sweep, sweep the world." The quotation in our Shanghai Longfeng work is very appropriate, no matter what kind of website promotion, is the construction of the chain, or love Shanghai auction, preferred to build the website content. Our construction work is not good, everywhere promotion website on the outside, even if there is traffic, the content is not good, can’t keep a customer.


sitemap map website optimization of people know its usefulness, we can say that it is a spider man. How about this sitemap map do, I only palletisers 贵族宝贝fujiyusoki贵族宝贝.hk/ website is mainly in the article page to generate sitemap map files, then I made a HTML page in the root directory, add the website all column page links list. Do not think there is no use, this is my best practice in palletisers content construction, the effect is good, it is recommended to use all in here. It can be more suitable for spiders crawl.

for a site, the first page of the weight is the highest, each chain wheel is connected to the home page, in order to improve the weight center website optimization. And every internal connection and home link, and mutual links between each sprocket, thus formed the same everywhere the trail on the site. When the spider came to my site only palletizer. From the home page to enter the first chain back to the home after crawling into a chain or directly into the next sprocket.

home page?

I only palletizer website content construction as an example, the analysis only from within the chain construction site, how to let the spider to don’t want to go.

3, each chain wheel are connected to the


2, classified article

do sitemap map

Whatever you do best is to optimize the

stacking machine mechanical website or other type of website, whether your site is large or small, the construction must do optimization to do the internal connection and external links. Methods the importance and practicability of the external links in many webmaster exchange circles are also very good advice. In the construction of the internal connection is the lack of many webmaster >


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