Rethinking the anchor text meaning from the perspective of the user experience

as shown above, we usually add 2-3 anchor text in an article, usually is a pointer to the first page of the anchor text, pointing to another page in the anchor text. The fundamental significance of anchor text or enhance the overall weight of the site, the key to optimize a keyword, but the anchor text for the user, may be meaningless, especially to anchor text links first, users click on this link back to the site is not the first page. Some websites love add anchor text of an article originally words is not, at first glance is the anchor text links of various colors. So the user is difficult to insist on reading an article, affect the user’s interest in reading. Users do not want to stay and click on the page, Shanghai also does not love love, love all these data can be accounted for by Shanghai.

first, think about why the need to add anchor text

we often say that the chain is on a website recommendation number outside the chain of more search engines are recommended in front of the more, but the number of anchor text >

Hello, anchor text meaning I don’t think I have long winded, in Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the anchor text is the basic factor. But as the love Shanghai algorithm to update and improve the anchor text meaning should rethink? Yesterday a careful reading of Lu Songsong: "the common reference" will replace the "anchor text" in this article, I don’t think Lou loose, well-known blogger. Now anchor text will not be a common reference instead, but the anchor text also not like before the flood, we can find a phenomenon in the process of doing optimization, the anchor text in an article that is too much, love Shanghai very difficult to collect this article. The anchor text should be appropriate, to nature, to rethink the meaning of the text. From the perspective of the user experience, of course, to put the Shanghai dragon, the number of enterprises station as an example.

finally, explore the anchor text and user recommended what is the essential difference between

when users read a text information, the true meaning of the anchor text is supposed to give users a convenient, only such users would click on the link anchor text, for example: an introduction of Shanghai Phoenix software article, in the article referred to a Shanghai Phoenix software, this software can be in the article in addition, the use of tutorials download link, this link is what users want. It is good for the user experience, but if this article appeared in the Shanghai dragon training that anchor text, it is meaningless, because users see this article is not to understand the Shanghai dragon training. Although "Shanghai dragon training" in this article also appeared a few times, but can’t increase the anchor text page of the PV website, from the analysis of the data, the anchor text meaning is supposed to increase ZhengZhan PV. The PV data also reflects the overall user of a website user experience, love the content on the website to generate more PV.

then, what kind of anchor text thinking of user experience beneficial

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