How to keep the key elements in the steady state flow

we are doing more and more personal website, will inevitably cause the competition in this industry is becoming more and more fierce. Everyone here to make a pot of gold, but that’s just wishful thinking. Because no one do not pay can be rewarded, so we don’t think about every day dream, that dream will not come true, never realize. So how do we make the website traffic is kept at a relatively stable level, and not far behind, or bidding documents. The chain, as the name suggests is the use of external links to their own websites, the chain has many kinds, here in detail. One point I want to emphasize is the chain must use the chain’s stability and variability. Sometimes the chain can not ensure the flow.

we all hope to live in a comfortable and stable environment, do not want to live in troubled times. If you were born in that era, it is sad. Personal website is not an exception, as a webmaster we don’t want to flow up and down, in an extremely unstable state. This is very detrimental to the rank of the website, also caused some impact on the profit model. So we have to try every day to maintain the stability of the site, exclude other destruction of all obstacles. This time, there will be a question: what is the practice can maintain stability in site traffic? Here by some insight to talk about this issue, I hope useful to you.

second: do the chain, an indispensable.

: the first updated daily, insist on innovation.

us every day different things every day is not the same, so we have to update the site. From another perspective, why the user to browse your site every day, and do not go to other sites? The answer here through an example can be said. For example, there are a lot of shampoo, shampoo products of different company hopes to be accounted for more market share, so that users love what kind of shampoo, different times will change. Because the change of change, do not have the same requirements in different period of time, or have different needs at different times. Our website is the same, if every day to see the content is the same, it is necessary to your website? We have an update on the content, in order to meet the user’s actual needs and psychological. Every day is the most basic, and updated content is the most important. We all know whether the content of the website can bring value to the user, will determine your web site to the user to bring the number of user experience. A key step in the site, the innovation is the content. Now the user on the site of the increasingly high demand, who can seize the user’s appetite, who will be able to lead a big rival. So we must adhere to the innovative content. We can pay close attention to daily events and hot news, to capture the online user’s attention, in order to attract them to your own website.

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