Love the future of Shanghai recently continuous adjustment and development of Shanghai dragon ER

: the first

keyword weight distribution

1. web site user experience better, too much advertising will make Shanghai feel that you do not love the station, is advertising, websites have too much JS, or pop, fall in love with the sea right down.

second: analysis of the site outside the chain to change

1. blog, BBS signature, forum text is no longer like the weight to that kind of high.

The analysis of Adjust the ranking algorithm

2. Links also changed, are too many sites, love Shanghai will not give good pre weight.

third, analysis of the internal site increased

1. station exclusion intensified, the imitation station basically is included, especially blog, blog if the original content less, pre text too much, will affect included.

3. original content, the weight of simple pseudo original articles to reduce.

welcome guidance!

3. portals, professional site weight increase, if your software can make these websites, and can obtain good weight.

now Analysis of the adjustment of

2. will love Shanghai products weight distribution is higher, its like post, know, term, get a good ranking.

3. enhances the character of the company website and distribution portal website weight apartment layout.

love Shanghai this time ranking fluctuation is big, we are concerned about, after a period of close observation, find love Shanghai in these areas has been adjusted here to write down my personal opinion, for your reference, also hope the exhibitions.

personal webmaster website should be fine and not so broad, I think the website forum will get good weight. The user experience is good, and the viscosity is high, the chain is the same type of professional search engine, you will feel the website in the peer is also very professional. In order to get good weight. "

2. outbound links too much, while the other did not return to the chain website, love Shanghai appropriate right down.

love Shanghai this time to do, the healthy development of the Internet is helpful. We focus on the future work of the Shanghai dragon ER, should be placed on the content of the original above, to the user for the development goals, Shanghai Longfeng development trend in the future should be to optimize the search results, rather than the search engine, so when we write soft text, it should be considered in the user’s point of view, what users want. Rather than what is the search engine love. The interior of the website optimization is more important. The chain should be to the same type of website exchange, and should not be a wide net, from the current point of view may be counterproductive. My personal website 贵族宝贝meiliwhy贵族宝贝

4. adjustment period from the previous Wednesday to Thursday

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