On how to develop the hospital website optimization scheme

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optimization scheme on the hospital website, how are you just enter the industry newcomers come here, learn about, if you are a veteran not, oh, this is a little experience I do hospital optimization, hope that we can help.

Two, explore the optimization target

2, website structure. Look under the framework of the website, the main navigation, navigation should be clear, don’t appear dead links and links to the end of the road, this is certain to avoid. The best navigation tree structure.

Later, in preparation for the

. Simple site: details of your site, such as site:wwww.paozhen999贵族宝贝 can simply know what is included in this website. On this site you judge the help.

3, key arrangement. Keyword placement is a very important problem, place can directly affect many chain reaction sites, the best 4 to 1 words, friendship is the link title, description, content, on your keywords.

5, not easy to optimize degree and target. The theory of work like site optimization is not easy, but I think it still cannot let down, to nip in the bud. Our goal is to determine the first love Shanghai home, the best is the most important key row in the first home, and all the other important keywords also ranked on the first page, and some long tail to the home page.

any website has a common goal: to improve website ranking to love Shanghai and even the first home page. But like a station to optimize the fundamental goal or bring more benefits to the hospital. The detailed point is to let the online search to class of potential customers can quickly find the target site, like a station for the hospital by customers and benefit. The following refinement to small aspects "

6 website. Statistical analysis of the late work has been completed, if you need to work for further consideration, but like a website without personal estimate. The late optimization work, they need not too much, the chain construction and content construction by me alone to work, really busy can find a person to help. The contents of the building prior to tidy up detailed professional materials for the updated every day to lay a good foundation.

4 site competition. Understand their rivals are one of the most important aspects of your success, what is called, baizhanbudai. So get your opponent’s situation is the most important aspect. For example, the basic situation of your competitor’s website. For example, included snapshot, PR, external connection number. These are to be understood in detail, and the connection of place, your opponent where promotion, in what way the promotion is to understand the crystal clear, so that it can. Really understand his website than your opponent, you will succeed.

The optimization goal

analysis1, the website included

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