How to distinguish between the various needs of the users search

· transaction type: do you often first search products in online shopping before. For example, you want to buy a product or service.

· if someone is looking for the company, which belongs to the navigation search. If they use the name of your company, it is likely that you will display at the top of the page. The noble baby will show you to search the user site display of your site.

remember, for this type of search, your website may appear in different ways. The following, Taichung web design and web design Kaohsiung cite some examples:

Shanghai Longfeng role is to search engine site to capture the various needs of the users, but Shanghai should understand what kind of dragon is the needs of the user you want, which is you don’t want. At the same time to understand how to make the page to get high rankings, you should understand what the content of search engine. If according to the search engine to build page, your page will be displayed on the top.

· if someone tries to understand a product or service, noble baby will contain the best display information about the theme of the page. Your website to display in the search results, the website must contain authoritative information. On the other hand, this means that contains very little help information page will not be displayed in the search.

for search engines, there are three types of search:

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· if someone wants to buy a product or a service, noble baby will display the most reliable supplier or provider to provide the product or service. To get the high ranking, your site optimization should be a reliable vendor’s website. This also means that the attached page will not be displayed in the results.

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for the wholesalers, which means that the original manufacturer has the advantage. If you are a manufacturer that you create clear production of the product on the landing page, so your keyword ranking will improve. If you are a dealer, construction to provide useful information to their pages, ranking higher than competitors.

· if your website provides information, you should provide authoritative and complete information. So the search engine will be the preferred choice of your site.

· navigation: do you often search for a company, organization, institution or individual’s official website.

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· information type: do you often search for information. Want to know a theme or how to perform a task. This is the text on the page information and video guide.

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