How to obtain high quality communication Links

Links construction is not easy, especially some website parameters generally website is particularly difficult, how important a skill of Links construction. I in this elaborates some methods of some of their own exchange process in Links, hoping to be useful to the webmaster friends. In this paper, by the local wine network (贵族宝贝7979la贵族宝贝) website editor first, please indicate the source, welcome Links cooperation, contact qq805209452.

when in the process of exchange Links in our website for the other parameters are not satisfied, we can take home exchange Links sending an advertising strategy, this method can be used for the B2C site link exchange, advertising on the one hand, their website brand, on the other hand may bring direct orders to they, they are very happy to.

There are many webmaster friends resource station

many sites will make a separate page Links store page, put some relatively low weight links, these sites are generally not reached home Links weight standard or suspected right down the website. So when we and others for the Links can be used in the home link + page links, give people a weight transfer page.

2, Links + home page links

, for Links can take home Links + resource station, for example, a P2 website to change others PR3 or PR4 site, people in view of our PR is low, is not happy, then we can use our resources with the master station class consultation, PR2 and one or two a PR2 resource station to change people’s home, the other party will consider the diversity of the chain, may be accepted.

Links exchange webmaster friends do every day, everyone wants to get high quality Links to enhance the weight of their own website, for Links exchange note and methods, in the A5 webmaster friends share already very much, I don’t talk about, today I want to say is how to communication skills for high quality Links.

The station is called

Links Links module called total, including the article page, the product page, or tab, that is to say all of the sites in the link to each other. Many webmaster friends using this method, the weight of the site may be a short period of time is not high enough, but want to change the station’s high Links. In general the other considering the site quality is also good situation, is willing to use some lower than their home link weights of the website Web site, while the other must use the station link your website.

1 station Links

4 home Links + resource station

3 home Links + ad

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