Link trading hot chain pay attention to choose

links businesses in general will be the site of the most prominent data show, such as "XX news" "gov link" PR "how much" and "love Shanghai included how much", we see the data, do not default for these links how high quality. In fact, the site did not, a lot of hidden trick. Let’s dig carefully.

Shanghai dragon determines the stability of the chain and for a long time, we must specify the plan to buy links. A lot of friends bought a month, next month will forget to renew or offset by other links, such behavior on the website of Shanghai dragon big disadvantage, very easily lead to drop right.

webmaster of the site of Shanghai dragon investment, is nothing more than to get maximum benefits with the limited funds. Buy links to improve the ranking, in the short term will undoubtedly appear to have commercial links are also seen in Shanghai before the Dragon race. Can be said that the effect is good. The station to buy links, but also to buy large website links, the chain with the Yahoo tool to check the wheat bags, surprisingly found most of the commercial links and gov links, in the "taobao贵族宝贝" "shoes" competitive word high ranking, the chain is an important factor.

Long term

site links, in fact, is not completely Shanghai dragon cheating, although recently also see search engine hit link trading to a certain extent and commercial behavior of the site, but there is a limit. Buy a good link, which allow us to select the link and buy skills put forward higher requirements.

is the first news network, similar to the news links very much, information network, talent network forum, belong to this class, what are their characteristics, is the vast collection, contains the latest information collected online, because is the real-time information, usually included is high. However, the news in the PR average performance, more importantly, the sites keywords ranking, the master station and sub station even a long tail keywords does not hit the target, it is justified. This website is only to attract spiders, for the new station, more suitable for. Cheap, spider.

is the second gov link, this kind of website is very much in the commercial links market, many vendors are usually website administrator, for this kind of link, birth weight is very high indeed, general >

since the site selection by Shanghai Longfeng way to get traffic, then the site is certainly not located in a short-term website. This is a lot of people do not understand. Shanghai dragon itself is a slow process, if you want to get a lot of traffic in one or two months, other than choice of promotion, or for the more direct.

don’t pull many, here to talk about their experiences in the choice of the above link.

The sale of Buy

2. is the first step of link weight

1. links must be long-term and stable, ensure management plan

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