Listen to Wang Tong only then gathered for the first time in Shanghai Longfeng sentiment two

now offers Shanghai dragon service company is too much, when customers are faced with the same price, the optimization time almost. The customer will choose which? In fact, most of the business owners do not understand the Shanghai dragon. The most simple and most common way: love Shanghai, You’ll see. So for the general customers, he will search what kind of words? For example: you are an Internet company in Hefei. The customer is likely to search "Hefei site optimization, Hefei site promotion", "Hefei network promotion", but generally not found "Hefei Shanghai dragon" the words. So the company should provide service to Shanghai dragon competition "Hefei site optimization, Hefei site promotion", "Hefei network promotion" of these three words. Even your company’s website is not good, also talk about what

in May 26th, I wrote an article: listen to Wang Tong only then gathered for the first time in Shanghai Longfeng sentiment (a) article. Today I only listen to Wang Tong continue to share some insights were gathered for the first time after Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon about the packaging issues. Shanghai Longfeng packing? But think now what products do not require packaging, Shanghai dragon is not what product, but it is a kind of service. Packaging also needs to a certain extent. Practical problem: how to make your customers trust you? Now Shanghai dragon orders more and more difficult, more than your Shanghai Longfeng technical problems. But you don’t know how to package Shanghai dragon, packaging. Your customers don’t trust you, certainly it is difficult to talk about a business. The following are some of the author’s sentiment:


search engine package Shanghai dragon service, Shanghai dragon customer service service is good. We all know that optimization is a long-term thing, many companies now offer such as three months maintenance package Shanghai dragon service. As you buy electrical appliances as insurance card. A joke, is sure to be late fees. The future of enterprise "

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packaging service

if you are a person orders, it should be on the Internet "exposure". Mix a familiar face, and building your personal brand. There is a simple and direct way to write the soft. You can at the end of the article to write their names, of course, to real name. And we usually love shopping forum, such as: A5, Shanghai dragon why. Head of account can be replaced with their real picture, now is not a personal blog is Shanghai dragon fire. You can also do a Shanghai dragon blog, write the optimization result and so on. For the optimization of company of Shanghai Longfeng newly opened, I think the most important thing is to prove their strength with the case. Most customers believe is the case. In a word: hard to fight the Shanghai dragon master, through the search engine and the case to prove their strength, but he did have the power to. Words can only be regarded as "liar".

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