About how to write the title can shorten the time of the website ranking

for a keyword ranking to the first page need to spend time, different people or different industries in Shanghai dragon will have different views, Changsha Jian Shanghai Longfeng optimization also have some of their own views, hope to share with you! Because of factors that impact a keyword ranking is in many aspects, not only is the main affected by the keywords competition. Indeed it is affected by the degree of industry competition. Here Changsha Shanghai dragon Jane not explain optimization of the influence factors of ranking, but from the website keywords ranking the overall point of view, to talk about how to write the title can shorten the time of the website ranking.

example: "e-book" the super popular word, as shown in the figure below is ranked No. 19-20 of the site, the nineteenth sites in the "book" provides for the purchase of the products at the same time, or have the intention to buy the user provides a forum for the exchange of demand. Another twentieth sites in this area to do more in place, put in.

users know, buying a product in seeking, at the same time, there is certainly related to the demand for a. If you most sites only provide the product or service, and your website in addition to providing the products or services, is also provided with complementary products or services for users, which means that your site more to meet the needs of users, the search engine will be on your site. Then, your site’s ranking will shorten the time. Analysis of the differences we also say positioning, so when we write the title of the site, can be differentiated according to this kind of thinking.


two title key word and complement each other.

example: "epilepsy" in the search engine home before three as shown below, the top two title set similarity is greater than 90%, and even can be said to be carved out of a mold. But the third title "epilepsy treatment expert consultation appointment" is not only to meet the need of knowledge about treatment, but also meet the needs of knowledge of symptoms, it is more important to meet patients directly to the hospital for treatment of the final appointment. Relative to write out the title, more search engine Pro gaze, is much easier to cause the attention of people with epilepsy and click.

in the optimization of the site keywords we must recognize that the point is not to put keywords more conducive to attract traffic, is not entirely the keywords of the better the ranking. But from the view of strategic view we can understand, the title keywords set more keywords between the contribution of the less. But if we can guarantee the existence of multiple keywords at the same time, also can achieve all keywords between the benign form of mutual promotion and contribution, this website title search engine will increase, which can make the website keywords ranking is shortened.

meet the users with complementary diversity of demand.

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