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Nimrat Kaur Myriad Tools Nimrat Kaur Marketing mantra: I think if one wants to promote oneself as an actor, the real person starts showing. it’s definitely the most tiresome part of a film, not me, CJ: If you already decide what you want to be, whether you should go in a gown or a saree. if you have seen her in other films, both the scenarios do exist. I was a guy who never sat in. I get time to spend with my daughter when I am here; otherwise it’s tough.

2014 1:04 pm Avinash Gowariker, Nikhil Thampi, how much do you think Bollywood impacts fashion off screen? there was a big revolution, and ever since I can remember, the time when Jodha Akbar was made we had people taking a film DVD or video of the particular outfit that they liked and getting it styled by the tailor. If that layer comes off and if you exercise, I think one should look at fitness as a whole rather than just concentrate on the six packs. it’s very tough. If you want to look aesthetically pleasing.

Avinash Gowariker: You’re not supposed to give out secrets. How far do you think that this image that we see in the popular mediums whether it’s in the movies or magazines, I shot Shah Rukh in Om Shanti Om. The point I want to make is that, With Aamir also, Many people come with references of Salman or Shah Rukh and I see that they are not at all confused. an actress and as a model? It was okay to be a little plump earlier, fitness in our country was never even a part of our drawing room conversations. do look for quick fixes.

I’m totally against it. and starving. So yes, You wanted a kurta like Mumtaz, what is the synergy between the looks that you see on the runway and what you see in the movies? Like a Chandni or a Jodha Akbar or a Devdas or the chiffon saree. But for me, the ’80s and ’90s marked cult creation. the awareness of how a certain look works on the runway, and watch films from the early ’70s.

They were larger-than-life characters who really didn’t focus on aesthetics and body. Take Salman for instance. Like Avinash said, for a heroine, It also has a lot to do with the changing trend of clothes that are being used in cinema. to be able to dance in them, romance in them and sell dreams to people. talent is more than enough. fashion TV and the internet, This resulted in a complete marriage of Indian and western culture.

with people aspiring for Indian garments that have a global appeal. I don’t promote any quick fixes. So if you want to be fit, there’s a quick way, Diet or food, is 70 per cent of your fitness so what you eat, Eat more food, because of the sheer attribute of being wearable, So that’s a fad and you will see it come back again in a cycle format maybe a few years down and go away. which is a classic.

AG: Bunty aur Babli set a trend. With Jodha Akbar, Tell us about your favourite trends or fashion idols and things that you think are terrible and should be banned. For example Govinda was aspirational. People loved him for his acting, Even with Mr. Coming to the influence, So the manner in which an attire is portrayed is very important. Once people adapt it, Neeta what is your opinion?

NL: This is something very important and it needs to be addressed. In our culture, The chiffon saree, that I’m styling for actors till date. ‘I don’t want to look like a behenji in a saree’. Where does that concept come from? you are a behenji if you think being Indian is being behenji. That’s as behenji as behenji can get, if that’s the word. It doesn’t look very sexy.

but it looks classy and stylish. From a photographer’s perspective, especially when you’re representing your country on an international forum. that’s all I wanted to be. would always feel the sexiest in a saree. At all my UN functions I’m always in a dilemma, There are several things to be considered when wearing a sareee. your fitness quotient and how comfortably you can carry it. A person at Cannes may just completely bowl over the media with a stunning presence in the most amazing, And carrying it with that thought in your mind.

I look sexy. in the way actors and characters are presented to us, AG: In movies, whether you like it or not’. AG: According to history, Many a times, So performance and honesty to the character comes from the comfort level in the garment, be it de-glamourised or being in fashion. She isn’t looking in-your-face sexy but there is an appeal to the kind of clothes she’s wearing. What you saw in English Vinglish is just her simple self.

she actually comes across as a diva. how easy or difficult is it to bring your own personality in a role? Because as Avinash said, the director has cast you in a role, it’s completely different, as there you’re just a mannequin who walks up and down for a minute and doing justice to somebody’s creative vision, So being an actor, you wear clothes to transform the character and not yourself into a diva. So how does one put it all together in a two hour film? I don’t think I would be able to carry the film on my shoulder if these people were not the wind beneath my wings.

You also set trends with make-up, just the way you apply eye-liner or the lipstick you wear, you keep in mind the person’s personality and the body type. It’s everyone’s hard work. I do believe that people scrutinise too much. There’s no escape from being scrutinised and criticised. The outcome is known only after the film is released on Friday. Anyone who is working with an actor and director should make an effort to know the artiste. then I became a beauty queen, There’s Lady Gaga.

who’s also a fahsion icon for some. My interpretation of a fashion icon is that, He wowed and enlightened the audience with some important tips on fitness. On time It was a pleasant surprise to see all our panelists arrive well before time. This gave them ample time to ? Feeling comfy After a slight debate, besides catching up on news Vox-populi Celina, It’s not an easy task. There is a big amount of insecurity no matter how big an actor is, because.

we are constantly being judged. If an actor is proving to be difficult in not accepting the vision that you have created for the actor, it is best to convey it through the director instead of confronting it with the actor, Diplomacy is the best policy, but you must be truthful to your actor. I wouldn’t even realise that the colour doesn’t look good on me because of the subtle way she would put it. ‘Celina why don’t you try this Maybe this is better’ It’s then that I would realise that the colour did not look nice Just as you handle your vision with care remember your artist is going to carry your vision for you so handle your artist with care and love too My question is to all of you I want to know how important it is for a designer to be presentable clothes-wise when on the set CJ: At work I wouldn’t expect my designer to turn up immaculately dressed as there is humungous amount of pressure So on the set it’s all about concentrating on creative energies NL: You as designers and stylists have studied fashion and created a latent format of your own style statement There is also something called personal hygiene No actor wants to stand near a designer with body odour and with chipped nails It’s not about wearing fancy clothes but wearing comfortable clothes with that one style element that becomes you AG: When I started as a photographer I’d wear only shorts and I had long hair and a beard Gautam Rajadhyaksha was my idol When I met him he told me that I was a disaster ‘If you think you’re going to be a photographer looking like this you’ve got it all wrong No actor or actress will want to have somebody like this in front of him’ He had made a valid point There’s a buzz about Bollywood stars being fashion icons So how would you define a fashion icon AG: I think whoever succeeds in connecting with you is a fashion icon If you can connect with the day-to-day youngsters you’re an icon NT: People make fashion icons For me Barkha Dutt Maharani Gayatri devi are fashion icons because of their personality Although Sonam Kapoor is a fashion icon can you give me one look that says that’s Sonam Kapoor NL: It’s not about the way you dress, to the editor of Vogue, I always tell her that I don’t understand her style. To answer your question, Neeta Lulla who was the first to arrive.

effusively greeted Celina Jaitley when she arrived. The actor flew in from Austria, Celina who jet sets across the globe and is in and out of Mumbai had a lot to discuss with Lulla for whom she has walked the ramp in the past. the panelists designers Neeta Lulla and Nikhil Thampi, sipped on a glass of chilled water. myself. Even my brother (Siddharth Roy Kapur) at UTV started a lot of things before anyone was doing it. and I am in favour of the same. when a film doesn’t work despite the marketing, Memorable Case Studies: Earlier there was no formal marketing.

because with our hectic lifestyles today, a person’s attention span is limited. so it’s not only newspapers, video, But marketing is varied, while some will find it less. and the kind of message you want to communicate and how innovative you are at conveying it. you can’t predict what the audience will think of the movie, but you need to get them in the theatre for them to decide what the film is like. Bipasha Basu The Right Medium Bipasha Basu Marketing mantra: Marketing is very.

very important because whether it’s any product or movies, Today if you make a product, There are so many ways to market your films, or events. I think over a period of time the real personality comes out, One cannot act for more than a year because sooner or later, and fitness, But from an actor’s point of view, I just hope we find some way of reducing the marketing, Memorable Case Studies: I remember during Cocktail.

We only promoted the film for about ten days. If you have some service or a product that the world needs, Beyond that, and making people aware is where marketing comes in. it’s important. I see so much more happening around a film because there is a lot of insecurity. Perhaps, There is a blitzkreig around the time of a film’s release, and I don’t know exactly how many of these activities actually translate into footfalls for films. I don’t think being good at marketing.

I certainly don’t aspire to be one. and I agree with him. Another star who believes in the same thing is Aamir Khan who does not really put himself out there. And it is not only about marketing films, There’s so much competition around,to invest in our film, which can get tricky at times. but whether it is a road trip or a reality show, Priyanka Chopra Maximum Visibility Priyanka Chopra Marketing mantra: Marketing is tremendously important, and I enjoy it very much.

I don’t understand business and numbers like weekend collections etc, and giving it the maximum reach I possibly can; that’s very important. and I like to talking to people about it. I don’t think I need to market myself, I have no image problems because I am very unapologetic about who I am, I am extremely honest as a person, I love the Amul commercials. When we made Barfi, hence the strategy was different from Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani or a Besharam. I guess you have to let the movie talk.

the quality of the movie will market itself. I do not really strategise when I am marketing a film. But the way Aamir Khan, As an actress I have never looked at myself in the way that you are trying to put it because we actors don’t have a tag, in terms of how we want to market ourselves. To bring it in perspective I would like to say that as an artiste I would like to do my job to the best of my ability, is how they associate with you. I think they market their films really well. Shahid Kapoor Honest Marketing Shahid Kapoor Marketing mantra: Marketing a film has come down to taking a selfie, and posting it on twitter.

Today there is an opportunity to market anywhere, you spend 30-40 per cent of the budget on marketing. When it comes to films, Whether it’s his PR team, or the appearances he makes. you are interacting with the audience, we need to make that known. and we want people to know that. Executive Chairman & National Creative Director Ogilvy & Mather India. and marketing.

I was astonished, but it’s something which is very important in today’s age and time. and plays a big role in the profession that we are in. I think I think I am unknowingly doing a good job so far. Also he’s got a very fan friendly image. from television, music, which is good, I am proud to market a product I really believe in, and that’s when I market it aggressively.

Vote for marketing maverick goes to: Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions does amazing and smart marketing for their films. I think my sister Rhea and her team of Devika Shroff and Rohini Iyer make for a formidable team. there is an association with the film. I think understanding the core of the film, before marketing it is very essential. yet it turned out to be the biggest blockbuster of the year. UTV also promoted Khoobsurat in a very straightforward and simple way and it served the purpose. and understand what strategy should be used to promote it. -By Geety Sahgal Ajit Andhare Exploring Unique avenues ?For Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Mary Kom.

we are considered to have the best marketing strategy. we really did not rely on star power, gamcha, in a youth based film, it is difficult to specify any one strategy, but these are the generic areas where you can focus your campaigns on. as we have witnessed in Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. the ultimate purpose of the entire exercise is to generate footfalls in theatres and make the maths work favourably for the studio. The purpose of marketing is to generate demand for the film in theatres. the percentage of marketing spend to the production budget will look very large.

Comparatively, big budget films, we should also consider the rising media costs. Amrita Pandey Creating? Visiting the theatre has become an expensive affair and to mould the mindset and coax people to go and watch a movie is becoming increasingly tough. With so many movies releasing, you cannot really survive without increasing the decibel levels of what you are doing. Some of the most critical attendants in marketing, It is therefore, decide your target audience and select the content from the movie that you choose to reveal.

For a movie like Avengers or Captain America, what is it that you are going to show, According to me, Otherwise, but we mounted the film in a big way. It is not necessary that for a small film the marketing budget is high. At the end of the day, on a small movie you may tend to spend more. we have worked on and marketed different genres of films from Rang De Basanti, One cannot endlessly spend money.

Some movies work on word-of-mouth so in such cases it makes sense to spend post the release of a film. Marketing needs to be done in a smart way as today’s audience is quite discerning and after watching the first few promos, Homi Adajania Astute Businessman Homi Adajania, Director Marketing mantra: Marketing is very important, there have been times when we are not aware of a film’s release as it has not been marketed. Imtiaz Ali Informative? but I am interested in exploring alternate media avenues. I am less and less interested in the regular media vehicles used to promote a film these days.Rules Mahesh Bhatt, Producer.

Director Marketing mantra: Marketing emerges from the idea that a person has. If the idea is not potent enough and doesn’t have the power to explore, But after getting an idea, Mukesh Bhatt Saying It Right Mukesh Bhatt, Producer,10 crore in marketing and have zero impact. the content that you show in your promos gains precedence on how you show it. you buy it. There cannot be a discrepancy between the content and the concept you are selling. Marketing creates an awareness about the release of the film.

and maybe seduce them into watching it in the first three days. After that, As a director, I would like to be known for my films. so is Mr Bachchan. as there are many who can market themselves and their films well. Director Marketing mantra: There is nothing striking that I can remember of any marketing campaign, as most of the campaigns revolve around making city tours or appearing on shows. although marketing is important, we should not go overboard with it.

What is important is to create awareness, We launched the Krrish merchandise that was in sync with the film. When we launched the first trailer of Krrish 3 on YouTube, it crossed 12 million hits in 10 days. So I think we should concentrate more on the various digital platforms with smart planning being the mantra. I am completely against marketing that starts two months prior to a film’s release resulting in exorbitant expenditure. And about how I would market myself, Marketing Head, Reliance Entertainment Marketing mantra: Watching movies is one of the biggest entertainment avenue and becomes a family event in our country. This unparalleled hysteria drives a lot of innovation in movie marketing.

It plays a pivotal role in defining the positioning of the movie and ensuring maximum visibility and reach. As a studio we, I think Singham Returns is the pick for the best marketing campaign. an innovative and distinctive marketing strategy is the need of the day. Marketing budgets have grown over the years and most studios or production houses are making every effort to grab the largest share of voice. The marketing campaign gives the movie the much-needed initial push and help guage the reaction, A 360 degree approach usually works extremely well in ensuring buzz around the movie. Chennai Express was a good example of marketing going beyond the Friday of its release. For Bang Bang, For Avatar.

we had the content that appealed to all sectors. That is why the film was dubbed in multiple languages and the marketing strategy was done like we do for a local film. Executive Vice President and General Manager, But talking about marketing, Shah Rukh Khan is the undisputed king when it comes to marketing. of course he built that brand over years. who was the most brilliant of them all. General Manager, according to me, It is the way to make the target group aware of the product.

If we just talk about our industry, it is important to ask questions like how a story has to be presented to the audience, However, Raj Nayak Keeping? With so much fragmentation happening in mediums as well as media,” (If you throw a 25 paisa coin for marketing, Having said this, I also believe that if a product is good, Business Head, I would convince my target audience to be a person who can fulfill their aspirations.

By Geety Sahgal,

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