Fair city six highlights Preview

in the eyes of Xu Guocheng, vice mayor of Xining, the 2013 Xining urban development and Investment Fair is not only a first meeting of the convergence of the city’s first masterpiece, but also a new venture to set sail. Speaking of the six highlights of this year’s fair city, he explains.

highlights: thousands of companies participating

this year’s fair city in a grand, warm, simple, pragmatic "principle, property and Home Furnishing Expo, car culture Expo, summer place name snack delicacy Festival three will be a festival organized by the merger. A total of more than 1 thousand and 400 participants invited participants, participants in the enterprise of more than 1 thousand, of which well-known enterprises reached more than and 300. From the scale, is the largest.

highlights two: activities rich in content

in addition to investment and trade negotiation activities, fair city, Xining will also host the land auction, the property of fine service forum, car model contest and the "name" Qinghai Song Festival and other activities.

highlights three: people interact

during the meeting, the city of Xining will also hold the most beautiful snack selection activities, car model contest contest, children’s remote control car contest and other activities, these are popular activities. It can be said that the current city fair is the event of the people of Xining, the mass base is very solid.

highlights four: promote the development of urban development projects

city fair to promote the 139 projects, involving urban development and construction, cultural tourism, trade circulation, agriculture, animal husbandry, specialty industries and other fields. To promote the project has the characteristic of "concrete and effective", is the need of the development of city construction projects are in line with national industrial policy, with the planning, land permits and basic construction conditions, has very strong operation.

highlights five: exhibitors when the boss

real exhibition, car exhibition exhibit and snack Festival and other activities, are participating enterprises as the mainstay, adhere to market-oriented operation principle, the government only played a role in guiding and services, to achieve a "simple, enthusiastic and orderly" to do.

highlights six: brothers and counties competing to develop

this year work in east area and the train station area, the city comprehensive development area and west area, Nanchuan Project Management Committee and the Sea Lake District, North District and Huangshui River (Xining section) comprehensive management of the CMC joint exhibition, not only embodies the development advantages and the characteristics of each region, but also reflects the competing development, striving for success. Confidence and determination. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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