Huangzhong county school for the purchase of 6 new high school buses

Huangzhong county government, invested about 2000000 yuan, with 6 school buses for the township, five village, Tianjiazhai Lijiashan equilateral mountainous areas and ethnic areas. Models for the core set of 32 people in Xiamen Jinlong automobile group long head of the school bus, each seat is equipped with the safety belt, and is equipped with a special mirror after the car, the school bus safety door, speed controller and parking telescopic arm, belonging to the high professional school bus configuration.

up to now, Huangzhong has 9 professional school bus put into operation, these school buses in the top five Zhuang, Li Shan, Tian Zhai, the Republic of the town of boarding schools to carry out the service of 4. (author: Su Jianping)


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