Honesty is also a kind of language

many shopkeepers feel in such an era, honest and trustworthy at least get a few words of praise from the customer, the business is not helpful, even in favor of the accumulation of wealth. In fact, if there is a wealth of shop operations, it will be found that honesty and trustworthiness for the store but help greatly, but also can become a store business process of an invisible language.

to do business for more than and 10 years, I know a truth, do business and behave, must have the principle of honesty and trustworthiness. Honesty is always the best management effect, the lowest cost, a great harvest the largest intangible assets, is the best business name card, a name card of people, nature can get customer A just cause enjoys abundant support., respect and friendship, sometimes honesty is a very good language.

once a customer into the store to buy a box of 15 yuan Zi Nanjing, just to catch up with the stock, I had to sell the same price, taste is equal to the Yellow Crane Tower, the customer was readily accepted, and from his pocket and took out a $50 and a 5 dollar money to I, holding a cigarette to go outside, and now I understand the customer is wrong 50 yuan for 10 yuan.

also encountered in the past, I handed over the money directly, said with a smile: "Hello, is not wrong? This is 50 yuan". "Oh, I didn’t see it. It was really 10 yuan. I drank a little wine this afternoon. You are not greedy ah, to meet the petty owner, I can throw the white 40 yuan." "No, now a business that honesty often in the wily, self harm."

a few days later, the village an old lady to the store to buy a match, just a moment later came back, a look of sorrow to me, said: "little daughter-in-law ah, I just bought things gone, is not a 20 dollars on the counter? This morning my grandson just gave me 20 yuan, and put it in his pocket Would like to ask is not just when I paid out?" I heard a hurry to run out of the old lady just to pay for the place, do not look carey to find.

because since the old lady walked, and did not return to the customer, may not be picked up by others, I am sure not to tell the old man around the counter, must not fall in my home, advised her to go home and look for it, but the old lady is not willing, seems to think is out here, face a little too happy. I am a bit embarrassed, and neither the old lady and theory.

is now the customer to buy cigarettes wrong money a few days ago, once again into the store, the old lady said to know this matter after two: "grandma, you still go home and look for it, if I fall here, Wang will not give you the last time I buy cigarettes, took 50 when ten Yuan Wang, directly to me, you say she can cheat your 20 yuan?"


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