The ten children’s clothing brand rankings

now the parents of the child’s dress is very important, coupled with the rapid growth of children, resulting in the entire children’s clothing market is extremely broad, therefore, the number of children’s clothing market is huge. In this context, how to choose a more reliable brand of children’s clothing? May wish to refer to the introduction of small children’s clothing ten brands list.

‘s ten brands list NO1- ve Opel – Shenzhen City Clothing Co. Ltd. ve Opel

Weijl Per children’s clothing is located in 3-15 years old children wear, comfortable and generous in the high-end casual children. Weijl Per’s focus on environmental protection, all products are made of pure natural cotton, hemp, wool fabrics, printing and dyeing all active green dye, ensure that every piece of clothing can make it get the health care of children. Advocating natural simplicity, the pursuit of self-confidence of the healthy design concept, adhering to the fashion, leisure. Free to match the frontier. Weijl Per’s children are tangible beautiful rhymes, including scissors, stone and cloth, is a reflection of mountain and sea, jungle magic paradise.

‘s ten brands list NO2- Balabala – Wenzhou Semir children’s Clothing Co.,

Wenzhou Semir Clothing Co. Ltd was founded in January 2002, the Department of "China garment industry 10 strong China Semir group company, is a franchise enterprise of a virtual business model" Balabala Balabala "series of children’s clothing as the leading industry, has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification and ISO140001 international environmental management system certification. The company’s existing marketing center, marketing planning, design center, production center, logistics, information management, financial management, business center, Shanghai, Wuhan, Tianjin has three branches, is one of the rapid and strong economic strength of the development of children’s clothing enterprises in china.

children’s clothing brand NO3- ten wild Leopard – Fujian leopard children’s products Co., Ltd.

"leopard" children’s clothing was awarded "China’s top ten brand children’s clothing", "Fujian famous trademark". 2003 in 56 countries and regions outside the trademark registration. 2003-2007 People’s Republic of China Ministry of Commerce awarded the "leopard" children’s wear brand as the "focus on nurturing and development of China’s export brand" glorious title. Reflect the exotic style, highlight the fashion personality is the company’s unique design style.

‘s ten brands list NO4- Ann Shenzhen Suifu Garment Co. Ltd

Founded in 1997, Shenzhen City, Fu Industrial Co., Ltd., specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of advanced casual children’s clothing. Committed to the style of the product and color, design with the end of the

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