Do business to do the foolish the

said that the shrewd businessman, it is such a shrewd, resulting in a lot of people simply do not rely on businessmen. In fact, the business can not be too smart, too smart, in fact, not necessarily prosperous business. On the contrary, if people do business is "silly", it will get more customers to understand the business, can be more prosperous.

some people say that business is going to operate well, first of all goods better, this is right. But I think that the integrity or to be placed in the first place. Kill the customer, playing tricky, fancy, fool customers, is the other is good, no integrity, new and old customers will be will give it away! Therefore, for the operator, only to achieve good faith, in order to win customers and win the market.

a few days ago, I went to the market to buy tofu, see a beautiful, smart sister-in-law to sell tofu is good, then come up with five yuan of money to buy that piece of tofu, but she was known to others after the tofu, to the author said, vaguely remember just give the money, and in a trance not sure, then to five yuan of money, sister-in-law has said that the comrade you give money, at this time, a moving heart, thanks to her, she said: "to do business integrity, should not be one of the money I don’t want." What a simple word!

since it later, I became the Maidou sister-in-law regulars, according to my observation, every time you buy tofu, see sister-in-law stalls lined up, but she has always put a scale unhurried, tall, big. A lot of people say "no rape is not, but the Maidou sister-in-law looks beautiful although smart, but in the" foolish business ", her" silly ", in the course of time, the prestige will naturally rise, word-of-mouth reputation will be set up! You think ah, good reputation, good products, good reputation, business can not be good?

different business people in the business will have a different performance, and a variety of performance is often directly reflected in the business process. Heard a business friend said: "if someone says you are fine, you must do that; if someone says you are silly, you must do". I think, to do business in the era of meager profit, do business will be "foolish", only with the "silly", moved, please, please, to attract consumers, the business can go the road of sustainable management! You say yes?

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