Many convenience stores in Nanchang why not continue development Business

in Jiangxi City, Nanchang, the convenience store industry in the industry, more and more convenience stores can not adapt to the soil in Jiangxi, Nanchang, in addition to a variety of discomfort. 2004 to 2007, a large number of convenience stores in Nanchang. However, a number of brand convenience stores after a few years, due to acclimatized, quietly exit the market.

office empty

13 morning, Ms. Shu found in Honggutan Green Center office, near the rainbow micro convenience stores have changed. Convenience store signs removed, which also removed the empty." Ms. Shu said that a few months ago, the goods here are dazzling.

not only that, in the saucer Lake Avenue Red Valley supporting center, B3 Wanda Center office building, Station Road, No. 1, Zhongshan Road, rainbow micro Oh convenience stores are closed, or transferred to other business owners of other business.

as a key investment projects in Xihu District in 2015, rainbow micro Oh convenience store Tianhong shopping mall project by the Nanchang Municipal Public Investment Group jointly set up, the initial investment of 50 million yuan to form Jiangxi province micro Oh Trading Co. ltd..

in the 2015 annual report, rainbow mall, micro Oh convenience stores fast expansion, new access to Xiamen, Nanchang and other places, and has a good effect.

13 day, located in the center of Jiangxi, Shandong Province, the original micro Trade Development Co., Ltd. lock the door, the room is empty, only the name of the company on the glass door display micro Oh, the company has worked in this office. Property management staff said that before the Spring Festival has no office.

18 stores have been closed

2015 in September, the first Nanchang rainbow micro convenience store open for business in Zhongshan Road. Just opened, the Jiangxi Province, micro business development Co., Ltd., said the relevant person in charge, then will open 29 stores.

reporter noted that Nanchang’s first micro Oh rainbow convenience store just opened, in the convenience store, retail, catering services, courier storage, recharge card, Hongseong water and electricity charges, or electric vehicle charging, charging the mobile phone recharge, photos and other services.

, Jiangxi province micro Oh Trade Development Co. Ltd. in Xihu District Station Road, Honggutan green square to the layout. Reporter access to business registration information, the second half of 2015 to the first half of 2016, registered a total of 18 rainbow micro convenience store. Nanchang municipal public utility group responsible person confirmed that these 18 stores have been closed.

rainbow said, because of the adjustment of the convenience store business layout, decided to cancel the Jiangxi micro micro Oh Oh, stop Jiangxi’s recommendation

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