How to take food to join the Hong Neighborhood

how do you like the food? In the food and beverage market, everyone likes to eat food to join the project, sought after by consumers and franchisees. If you join the incense neighborhood to eat vegetables, is also a very exciting. Hurry up and move on! To join us, to achieve our wealth of life?

open a shop to take what? Chengdu fragrant neighborhood Catering Management Company Limited is a set of strings, Hot pot flavor, take food such as authentic Sichuan development, production, sales and brand chain in one of the restaurant management company. The company has always focused on quality, herbal spices carey selected for seasoning, gas and stomach and pepper, pepper Xingpi for science and technology by frying, the pot of delicious fragrance, fragrance streets, neighbourhood, and a taste, delicacy, laughing. Incense neighborhood reputation. The company has 166 stores, has become Chengdu’s ten largest franchise brands to take food, and access to the Sichuan TV station "Tianfu food" Fang column recommended delicacy brand, by the vast number of consumers as "local special snack"


open a shop to take what? Take food to actively participate in the neighborhood of incense in R & D, production and sales of authentic Sichuan and brand chain. Incense neighborhood took a change in the traditional style of a single food, decoration, dishes show the integration of modern, fashion elements, so that diners in taste for their own tailored delicious, but also feel the quality, warm service. Incense neighborhood to eat dishes according to personal taste arbitrary DIY with independent, do their own taste buds dominate, relaxed dining environment, changeable fun, fashion personality fun culture to meet your critical needs.

reliable incense neighborhood food to join the project, a small entrepreneurial choice. If you join the incense neighborhood to eat vegetables, is also a very exciting. Hurry up and move on! Come and join us. Come and ask for advice! Don’t hesitate any more!

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