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"Bio Corp. he said collects pigeons that are delivered by farmers including some that are alive The company then euthanizes the birds and prepares the carcasses for educationalinstitutionsMcCarten said the company’s policy was to euthanize the birds with gas but determined that water submersion was arguably a more humane method because of the short time necessary to complete the processBecause of PETA’s complaint the company is now using gas he saidAbout crayfishThe company purchases crayfish from a Gulf of Mexico provider McCarten said They’re shipped live to preserve the specimen and avoid any degradation In the past the company relied upon an ethanol solution for this purposeBecause of the complaints raised Bio Corp will determine whether the crayfish can be sent frozen to avoid euthanizing them at their facility"We will review the methods to assure that we are using the best and most sensitive method of preparation as we do with all of our specimens" McCarten saidThe city’s caseAccording to a statement of probable cause a veterinarian hired by PETA Dr Ingrid Taylor testified at an Oct 26 hearing in Douglas County that drowning pigeons is an unacceptable practice for euthanizing birds She said that drowning causes an unnecessarily painful and prolonged death taking up to 10 minutesTaylor testified that injecting crayfish with latex is also unacceptable and prohibited under the American Veterinary Medical Association’s recommendations for euthanasia She said the crayfish would feel pain and suffering for up to 10 minutesCourt documents say that after police saw PETA’s video and reviewed the Oct 26 hearing transcripts an Alexandria police detective met with the Bio Corp owners Hedstrom and William Wadd on Nov 22Hedstrom told the detective that the facility is inspected and licensed by the US Department of Agriculture and follows the American Veterinary Medical Association’s guidelines with any live specimens that are on site He said they euthanize the pigeons "the best way we know how" according to the statement of probable causeHedstrom told the detective that the crayfish in the video were dead before being injected and all crayfish are placed in a large bag and submerged in a mixture of ethylene glycol formalin and acetoneLater the detective contacted Dr Taylor to find out if the mixture satisfied the veterinary association’s euthanasia guidelines for crayfish and she said that acetone and ethylene glycol which is the main ingredient in antifreeze are considered unacceptable for euthanasia of aquatic invertebrates She said that formaldehyde and formalin are unacceptable except as a second step of a two-step euthanasia process where the animals are first rendered unconscious through an acceptable first-step processThe first hearing in the case is scheduled for Jan 31 at the Douglas County Courthouse We hope to continue to provide specimens for educational institutions as we have for many years.

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